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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

At UNC-TV, sometimes we give away stuff. SWAG, premiums, prizes, tchotchkes, things that you can get by making a donation or visiting us at an event or a local fair. But we like to give away things small and large. Whether it’s a bumper sticker or pin-on button, we give things away so you, the viewer, will know we appreciate your support and can, in turn, share that love with others.

I spied these boxes near the office of our On-Air Fundraising Producer a while back. It’s T-shirts. A couple of great big boxes of T-shirts. These may have been given away to volunteers or donors or members of the public who happened to stop by at our booth at the NC State Fair. Who knows? At the point in time this picture was taken it’s all pure untapped torso-covering potential.

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Sounds Familiar

“During his long life, he was a printer’s apprentice and a riverboat pilot, a prospector who never struck gold, and a Confederate soldier who never fought a battle. He was considered the funniest man on earth, a brilliant performer on the lecture circuit who could entertain almost any audience… and a spectacularly inept businessman whose countless schemes to get rich quick threatened again and again to bring him to ruin. But above all, Mark Twain was a writer, a natural born storyteller, and a self-taught genius with words who understood before anyone else that art could be created out of the American language.” – Narrator (Keith David), MARK TWAIN, a film by Ken Burns

Fruit of the Lampoon

SESAME STREET does it again. This time it’s an Orange Is The New Black parody. Personally, I’m not sure if my first pick for a kids TV show spoof would be a TV-MA series that no preschooler should ever be exposed to … but you have to marvel at the ingenuity of the title alone (“Orange Is The New Snack” – seriously, how cute is that?).

Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

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The DOWNTON ABBEY movie is officially filming! Need proof? Michelle Dockery shared a behind the scenes snap on her Instagram account as proof. Continue reading