Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another dip into the archives for a look into UNC-TV’s past. This week, a vintage pic from the set of the UNC-TV original series ALMANAC GARDENER. I certainly recognize Mike Gray, host of the show. The others are not immediately known to me. One appears to be the host of a cooking segment and the others may be a producer, director or even a guest. I estimate the photograph to be from the early days of the series so this could be taken on a set from our old studios in Raleigh.



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Visit any television studio and look up. Most likely, you’ll see a lighting grid not unlike the one pictured. Lighting Technicians use these grids to place lights to illuminate the various sets and talent you see in shows recorded in or broadcast live from television studios. Lights can be moved about on the grid to create the best on-air look and different types of lights and coverings can be utilized to create different effects. Here are a few shots of the lighting grid from UNC-TV’s Studio B.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you’ve ever watched a live break during one of on-air fundraisers and wondered how the folks extoling the virtues of our programming know when to stop talking and let someone else pick up the verbal baton, the answer is simple – the floor manager. A floor manager is someone who helps coordinate and inform on-air talent with visual clues – essentially, the intermediate between the director in the control room and the people on camera. Occasionally, floor managers communicate via hand signals, often it’s signs that are either pre-printed or written on the fly.

Here’s a collection of signs used by floor managers during a recent fundraiser. I found them after the fact on a table in our main studio.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Getting ready to go on air for a guest spot on NC SPIN or to pitch to viewers during a live On-Air Fundraiser? Then you might want to touch up that shiny forehead!


What you see here is our meager make-up station. Unlike some channels and studios that might have a full-time make-up person on staff, UNC-TV relies on volunteers and self-administered applications to ensure talent looks good on your screens. And right here is where the magic happens.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you tuned in to our Neighbor By Neighbor fundraiser earlier in the month, you may have caught sight of North Carolina’s own Malpass Brothers. On Thursday, June 7, UNC-TV debuted the documentary THE MAPLASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME. This was followed up by the musical siblings live in the UNC-TV studios. To accommodate the duo, our William C. Friday Green Room was turned into a sort of prep area for the Malpasses (Malpi?). Here’s a sign that adorned the door in advance of their arrival.

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