Wednesday Trivia Question

What character delivers the first line in the very first episode of ARE YOU BEING SERVED?

As far as Britcoms go, is there a show that seems to be more beloved than ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Certainly there is more erudite fare and even better written and better acted material. But there’s something about this innuendo-laden farce that just delights so many. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

On THE VICAR OF DIBLEY, when Alice walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she was followed by two children dressed as what?

THE VICAR OF DIBLEY starred Dawn French as Geraldine Granger, the jolly, down-to-earth female reverend of a small country village inhabited by oddballs. It is one of the most successful Britcoms of the digital era and consistently ranked among the top British Comedies in viewer polls. The series ran for twenty episodes between 1994 and 2007 (two series and ten specials). 

The cast of colorful characters that populated the fictional Oxfordshire village was often a source of the humor, allowing for Geraldine to act as the down-to-earth fish-out-of-water. One of the most endearing was Alice Tinker, Geraldine’s verger. Played by Emma Chambers (who sadly passed away in 2018 at 53), Alice was dense and scatterbrained, often misunderstanding the most basic of concepts – and rarely getting the vicar’s jokes. Continue reading

Sounds Familiar

“Why is Penny’s gravy always grey?” “D’you know, I was wondering that.” “It tastes all right.” “Yes, oddly enough it does. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing, grey gravy.” – Lionel Hardcasle (Geoffrey Palmer) and Jean Pargetter (Judi Dench), discussing the culinary prowess of Jean’s sister-in-law, AS TIME GOES BY