Street View

Surely everyone knows that SESAME STREET is an important and useful broadcast educational tool. But did you know the Sesame Workshop is working behind the scenes to assist migrant families separated at the border?

The Atlantic has an amazing article on the subject. Click HERE to read.


Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

For millennia, only soldiers understood the paradox of war – the terror and pain in tandem with the exhilaration and profound sense of purpose. On this Memorial Day, explore the warrior’s story with insight and unflinching candor on GOING TO WAR – tonight at 9 on UNC-TV.

Good news! Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes have begun work on season three of VICTORIA. No word on when it hits MASTERPIECE but I’ll let you know. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear?

Fans of Sesame Street know that one of the most trusted Muppet-toy relationships belongs to Big Bird and his teddy bear (Ernie and Rubber Duckie being a close second). The little brown bear was given to Big Bird as a special gift from the late Mr. Hooper so it’s understandable that it would be his most treasured possession. The teddy bear has been a friend and confidante to Big Bird making it much more than a transitional object to our fine feathered friend. Over the years, the stuffed toy has been featured in many Sesame Street storylines and merchandise. But what is the bear’s name? Continue reading