Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

“Today’s Sesame Street is brought to you by the letter e.” At least, that’s what I imagine this picture might be saying.

Yes, it’s another shot from our Community Engagement department – this time with a rather forlorn-looking Big Bird (slightly smaller than normal) hanging onto a lowercase vowel.

Again, just one of the many sights one might spy around the halls of UNC-TV.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

What time is it? Let’s ask Snook the sloth! For those unfamiliar with the arboreal edentate, he was the star of the PBS Kids show It’s A Big, Big World, which debuted in 2006. And now his furry face graces a clock in our Community Engagement department, ever ready to tell you the hour and minute of the day. Interestingly enough, the clock does not run slow.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

As you may have gathered, I’m a big fan of Wishbone – the little dog with the big imagination. It was a cool show with a great premise (bring classic books to a young audience) and an ultra-cute canine star. So you can understand my surprise to stumble upon this promotional Wishbone stand-up in a co-worker’s cubicle.

June_15_2017b 003

The display probably dates back to the early days of the show (mid-90s) but I’ve no idea as to its actual origins. I could ask but I don’t want to tip my hand if the cardboard doggie happens to go walkies.