Sounds Familiar

“Speedy delivery!” – Mr. McFeely (David Newell), Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood


Please Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

To celebrate Mister Rogers Day, the UNC-TV gathered in our lobby earlier for this pic…


Join us in a few hours for MISTER ROGERS: IT’S YOU I LIKE and commemorate fifty years of gentle, unconditional love.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The revels continue with more Mister Rogers Day fun…


Let’s Make The Most Of This Beautiful Day

Today, UNC-TV is celebrating Mister Rogers Day! The festivities cap off this evening with the PBS documentary MISTER ROGERS: IT’S YOU I LIKE at 8pm but all day long I’ll be posting some Neighborhood tidbits and Fred Rogers tributes. Join us, won’t you, by putting on your best cardigan and sneakers in honor of a very special life and all of those Rogers reached on the screen and behind the scenes.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Here’s a shot of Clifford the Big Red Dog (or maybe it’s puppy Clifford) in his doghouse staring forlornly at an empty bowl. It’s a little display set up by, I’m guessing, our Community Engagement Department in one of the hallways here at UNC-TV. It’s cute, most definitely, but it always makes me a little sad. Someone fill his bowl already!

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Wednesday Trivia Question

The only time Fred Rogers appeared on television as someone other than himself was in 1996 when he played a preacher on one episode of what series? Continue reading