Frog Holler

Ah, vintage Sesame Street. The good ole days when Kermit was still a regular and Cookie Monster was a bottomless pit of unadulterated id. And as far as I’m concerned, next to John Cleese, no one does raw, unchecked comedic anger better than Jim Henson.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

This cardboard jalopy appeared in our lobby this week – it’s Rootle Roadster, all gassed up and ready to go! Not sure where it’s headed but Grover sure looks like he could use a booster seat.

april2018 043

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Caught sight of this little guy in a co-worker’s cubicle. His name is Paco and fans of the old PBS Kids series Maya And Miguel should recognize him as the bilingual parrot owned by the titular twins (although Paco originally belonged to their abuela). Maya And Miguel ran for 65 episodes starting in 2004 and focused on the adventures and misadventures of pre-teen siblings Maya and Miguel Santos and their family and friends.

Dec14_2017 037

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I’m a big fan of pin on buttons and have amassed quite a few in my time with UNC-TV. Here’s one of my favorites – a Reading Rainbow badge that I picked up at a convention or as a giveaway from some PBS Kids source. (I’d like to say my best pal LeVar Burton gave it to me but I’ve found it best to make your little white lies at least halfway believable.)