Frog Holler

Ah, vintage Sesame Street. The good ole days when Kermit was still a regular and Cookie Monster was a bottomless pit of unadulterated id. And as far as I’m concerned, next to John Cleese, no one does raw, unchecked comedic anger better than Jim Henson.


Crazy Litter Thing Called Love

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a tale of true love from Sesame Street. If you thought Susan and Gordon were the Street’s oldest couple, you forgot about the resident Grouch and his particular sweetie. Yes, Oscar the Grouch loves trash. And he’ll sing about it at the drop of an old, worn-out hat.

I, Contact

If you grew up on PBS, you’ve no doubt watched many hours of fantastic educational television and been entertained by some incredible folks you probably didn’t realize, at the time, were teaching you some very cool and important stuff.

One of the programs I probably haven’t mentioned much yet I remember fondly was 3-2-1 Contact. Did you watch it? Do you ever think back on the lessons you learned from it? One person does and wrote a lovely article in The Atlantic about it.

Click here to read Adrienne LaFrance’s piece on this not-so-forgotten gem from the Children’s Television Workshop.