How Does Santa Get In?

As the holiday season is upon us, let’s take a look at a classic Sesame Street bit where Grover and Kermit ask impossibly cute children how Father Christmas gets into your house to deliver the presents.


I, Contact

If you grew up on PBS, you’ve no doubt watched many hours of fantastic educational television and been entertained by some incredible folks you probably didn’t realize, at the time, were teaching you some very cool and important stuff.

One of the programs I probably haven’t mentioned much yet I remember fondly was 3-2-1 Contact. Did you watch it? Do you ever think back on the lessons you learned from it? One person does and wrote a lovely article in The Atlantic about it.

Click here to read Adrienne LaFrance’s piece on this not-so-forgotten gem from the Children’s Television Workshop.

Friends & Neighbors

If, like me, you grew up on MisteRogers’ Neighborhood, you’ll remember fondly the character of Officer Clemmons, one of the many regular neighbors. Officer Clemmons was played by singer and actor Francois Clemmons, who discussed his time in the Neighborhood with StoryCorps (NPR’s Morning Edition presented part of the conversation last week).

You can listen to Clemmons’ memories of Fred Rogers and his role as Officer Clemmons at StoryCorps or NPR’s Morning Edition.