Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s DEATH IN PARADISE was a don’t-miss episode, the second half of a two-parter titled “Beyond the Shining Sea.” The episode in question found Jack and his team facing the toughest challenge of their lives after tragedy hit close to home. There was also a trio of guest stars worth mentioning. See if you caught them all.

Scottish actor Alastair Mackenzie played Ewan Boyd. Over the years, he’s had guest spots on everything from Chef to Inspector Lewis to Lovejoy. Most recently, Mackenzie was John Bentley on season three of Unforgotten and William Brereton on Wolf Hall. However, he may be best known for starring as Archie MacDonald on Monarch of the Glen. Continue reading


Where Do I Know That Actor?

What a week for MIDSOMER MURDERS! In part one of “The Oblong Murders” we saw Bullard ask for a favor, Sykes get a new day gig, Jones go undercover and eight guest stars of note. Let’s see if you spotted them all.

Barbara Flynn was Dr. Bullard’s sister and selective dogsitter Millie Bullard. Most recently, Flynn played Aunt Hermione on The Durrells in Corfu. A decade back, she portrayed Mrs. Jamieson on Cranford. She was also Mrs. French on He Knew He Was Right, Emily on The Forsyte Saga, Miss Browning on Wives and Daughters, Madame Maigret on Maigret, Jill Swinburne on The Beiderbecke Affair and Shirley on Geoffrey Palmer Britcom The Last Song.

Heather Tobias played Mrs. Oliver, mother of the missing Lucy. She was Jenny on a mid-1980s Masterpiece Theatre presentation of Bleak House and Mrs. Wilfer on Our Mutual Friend. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

DEATH IN PARADISE is back with a new season of episodes. This week, DI Mooney and his team were called in to investigate when the Coffee King of the Caribbean met an untimely end. Along the way, viewers caught sight of a handful of guest stars from other UNC-TV fare.

Robert Portal was Benedict Dacre, kingpin of Paradise Skies Coffee. A little over ten years back, he played Paul Critchley, Conservative Party leader, on The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard.

Louis Greatorex played Benedict’s son, Owen. Greatorex was also Caroline’s son Lawrence on Last Tango in Halifax. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

MIDSOMER MURDERS continues its new season, this week with DCI Barnaby investigating a bizarre drowning in Echoes of the Dead (Part One). A few guest stars popped up worth mentioning as well. Let see how many you spotted.

Sarah Smart played the victim’s roommate Jo Starling. Smart was Anne-Britt Hoglund in Wallander and Catherine Linton on a late-90s adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

Ron Cook was the victim’s landlord, Bernard Flack, and Melanie Kilburn, his wife. Watchers of the new Les Miserables on Masterpiece may recognize Cook as “hair and teeth dealer” (ew!) but he also played Mr. Crabb on Mr. Selfridge, Durdles on The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Hermann Van Daan on The Diary of Anne Frank, Chivery on Little Dorrit and Mr. Bozzle on He Knew He Was Right. For her part, Melanie Kilburn played Mrs. Johnstone on Breathless. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

While the new DCI Barnaby was investigating the death of a social services worker, fans of MIDSOMER MURDERS may have noticed a few recognizable guest stars on this week’s episode (“Dark Secrets” part one). Let’s see if you caught them all.

Edward Fox and Phyllida Law played married eccentrics William and Mary Bingham. Fox has been seen on several Masterpiece series – he was Mr. Brownlow on Oliver Twist, Sir Hugo Mallinger on Daniel Deronda and King Edward VIII on Edward and Mrs. Simpson. Law – while popping up in guest roles on programs like Poirot, Doc Martin, Foyle’s War and Rosemary & Thyme – will probably be best known for portraying Aunt Auriel on the Stephen Fry series Kingdom. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

On Sunday night, MRS. WILSON debuted on MASTERPIECE. The 2018 BBC series, executive produced by Ruth Wilson, stars the actress as her real-life grandmother, a widow who uncovers a mysterious and secret life following the death of her husband. There are also some faces UNC-TV viewers might recognize from elsewhere. Let’s meet a few.

We’ll start with Ruth Wilson herself. The talented actress, who plays Alison Wilson on the series, may be best known to US audiences for her starring role on the Showtime series The Affair. However, she has a public broadcasting presence as well. Wilson has been seen as Alice Morgan on the crime drama Luther, where she played nemesis and unlikely companion to Idris Elba’s title DCI. Going back a bit, she played Georgina Barrow on Miss Marple: Nemesis and she also starred as Jane Eyre on a Masterpiece presentation. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

MIDSOMER MURDERS is back with new episodes, new cases and a new Barnaby. With cousin John (Neil Dudgeon) taking over for Tom (John Nettles), the killers and criminals of the county of Midsomer will get zero rest. But his first episode as DCI featured more than a pouty and petulant Jones – there were a few guest stars of note. Let’s see who they were.

First, I’ll tackle the new star of the series, Neil Dudgeon. Has he ever appeared on shows UNC-TV has broadcast? Most definitely. He had a guest spot on Kingdom and Inspector Morse but it’s most likely you will recognize Dudgeon (if you do) from his role as chauffeur George Moody on The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries starring Diana Rigg. He also played Gibbons on Sharpe’s Eagle and Lestrade on Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking, both on Masterpiece Theatre. His imdb.com page also lists a credit of Brink on a 1990 episode of Alive From Off Center. Continue reading