Where Do I Know That Actor?

MIDSOMER MURDERS was back after a two-week hiatus due to our Neighbor By Neighbor fundraiser and Saturday’s episode – “Master Class” (part one) – saw DCI Barnaby investigating a possible drowning at a prestigious music academy. It also presented viewers with a chance to spot eight guest stars recognizable from other UNC-TV fare. Let’s see if you noticed them all.

Lydia Wilson was shy prodigy Zoe Stock. The actress hasn’t been seen in much on our airwaves but she did play Monday on Any Human Heart and Muriel Hart on South Riding (both on Masterpiece). Continue reading


Where Do I Know That Actor?

Last week’s Father Brown saw G. K. Chesterton’s prying padre investigating the murder of a Colonial Postal Service officer. It also allowed keen-eyed viewers to spot a trio of familiar (well, familiar-ish) faces seen elsewhere on programs UNC-TV has aired.

First, Richard Huw played Aldous Kemp, the former colonial postal worker who meets an untimely end. The veteran actor has been working for decades and has appeared in guest roles on Inspector Miorse, Dalgliesh, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Midsomer Muirders and The Coroner, just to name a few. However, he has appeared in more substantial roles on some old Masterpiece Theatre fare from the 1990s. He was Rochfort Maquire on Rhodes, Hector Robinson on The Buccaneers and Igor Kostov on Sleepers. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

Midsomer Murders’ thirteenth season is at it again. (Seriously, it’s like they upped the notable guest star quotient for this series.) Part one of “Blood on the Saddle” saw the arrival of a Wild West show in Ford Florey. Of course, the bodies pile up and Barnaby and Jones are there to investigate. Along the way, we meet the townsfolk, including the usual suspects and a nonet of actors in guest roles. Let’s meet them.

David Rintoul played farmer Jack Fincher. Rintoul was Mr. Darcy in an early 80s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on Masterpiece Theatre. However, he may be best remembered as Dr. John Finlay on 1990s series Doctor Finlay (also on Masterpiece Theatre).

Caroline Langrishe portrayed Jack’s wife Susan. She’s been seen on the Masterpiece series Sharpe’s Justice (as Lady Anne Camoynes), Fortunes of War (as Bella Niculesco) and a 1977 Anna Karenina (as Kitty). Plus, Langrishe played Charlotte Cavendish in the Ian McShane series Lovejoy. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

The thirteenth season of Midsomer Murders kicked off earlier this month and this week’s episode (“The Sword of Guillame” part one) saw a seaside outing turn deadly. It also featured a bevy of guest stars that may just be familiar from other fare UNC-TV has offered. Let’s see if you noticed them all.

Tim McInnerny played property developer Hugh Dalgliesh. True Anglophiles may know him from his work in Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder series but, sadly, UNC-TV has never aired that wonderful program. McInnerny has, however, appeared as Terry Shields in the 1980s thriller Edge of Darkness and he was Fiennes on A Very British Coup on Masterpiece Theatre in 1989. Other roles of note include Oliver Mace on MI-5 and Sir Eustace Carmichael on Sherlock.

Janet Suzman was Lady Matilda William. She played Margaret, Duchess of Chester, on The Secret Agent and Lady Edwina Mountbatten on Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy, both on Masterpiece Theatre. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

My guess is fans of MASTERPIECE MYSTERY will be enjoying the new police procedural UNFORGOTTEN which debuted Sunday night. The program chronicles police detectives investigating a very cold case while weaving in the lives of suspects and other characters that may or may not be connected. One of the more intriguing aspects of the show for me was the many recognizable faces I saw. Maybe you spotted them too. Let’s see (and heads up – this is a long list).

Nicola Walker stars as DCI Cassie Stuart. The actress has appeared in quite a few shows UNC-TV has aired over the years so she should be well known to viewers. In fact, it’s not her first time portraying someone on the right side of the law – she was DC Sue Upton on A Mother’s Son, DI Susan Taylor on Touching Evil and Ruth Evershed on MI-5. More recently, Walker played Gillian in Last Tango In Halifax. She also had a memorable turn as Helen Bailey in the third series of Scott & Bailey and, in 2009, Walker played Sally in a Masterpiece adaptation of Oliver Twist. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s Masterpiece featured a new TV movie titled The Child In Time. It starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelly Macdonald as parents forced to go on with their lives after their child goes missing. It was a heartrending tale that eschewed the usual police procedural aspect and ventured more into the psychological. There were also a few familiar faces that UNC-TV viewers may know from other shows we’ve broadcast.

Benedict Cumberbatch is the lead actor in the film (playing Stephen Lewis) and it should almost go without saying that while he is well known for his film roles (Doctor Strange, The Hobbit, The Imitation Game, The Fifth Estate, Star Trek: Into Darkness) the role that brought him recognition from most public television viewers is Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece‘s Sherlock. Cumberbatch has also played Richard III on The Hollow Crown, Stephen Ezard on The Last Enemy and Edmund Talbot on To The Ends of the Earth. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

Fans of Father Brown on the Explorer Channel may have noticed some familiar-ish faces on last Friday’s episode (“The Star Of Jacob” – in which a mysterious stranger, a missing donkey and a kidnapped baby threaten to spoil Christmas festivities). Let’s meet them, shall we?

Raymond Coulthard, who played John Langdon in the episode, will be best known as Miles Edgerton on Mr. Selfridge. Aside from guest roles in programs like Is It Legal? and Foyle’s War, Coulthard has been seen in several other Masterpiece series. He was Mr. Glascock in He Knew He Was Right, Prince of Arragon in Merchant Of Venice and the Venetian Ambassador in Casanova. Continue reading