Yay Us!

I’m always quick to point out any time PBS gets nominated for something nice so I’d be remiss if I didn’t get a little self-congratulatory and mention that UNC-TV and its partners received 13 nominations for the 30th annual Midsouth Emmy Awards, to be held February 27 in Nashville.

Congratulations to all of our staff and associates on these well-deserved nominations!

Here is a complete list of the nominees, as reported by Shannon Vickery, UNC-TV Director or Production.

Documentary/Cultural:  (All of these programs are produced by independent producers.)
David Holt’s State of Music, Will and Deni McIntyre
First Language— The Race to Save the Cherokee, Neal Hutcheson and Danica Cullinan
The Highline, an American Treasure, Rob Van Camp

Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment:
Our State:  Hart Square, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Steve Price, Karen Pearce, Grant Dennis, Mike Milstead, Brian Faulkner, Fred Story, Amy Pasquini
Skunk Train, Rob Van Camp (Independent Producer)

Magazine Program:
Our State 707:  Dorton Arena, Wild Horses, Flag Man, David Hardy, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Kenneth Hackney, Grant Dennis, Glenn Abbey, Karen Pearce, Brian Faulkner, Steve Price, Fred Story, Laura Casteel, Heather Dollar Continue reading


The Roadshow’s Big Deal

Antiques Roadshow has made the most valuable find of its 38-year history by uncovering an item appraised at more than 1 million pounds. That’s around 1.5 million dollars. And the distinction is important because I’m talking about the British version of the Antiques Roadshow. Still, it’s an impressive discovery and, although the nature and true appraisal value of the item remains undisclosed, @BBC_Roadshow did tweet: “What a day in Harrogate. Including the most valuable item in 38 years. It’s a sporting legend. All to be revealed when we air the show!”

The PBS version of Antiques Roadshow has aired on UNC-TV since 1997 and is a fan favorite. The original series has been broadcast by the BBC since 1979. UNC-TV airs these episodes under the title British Antiques Roadshow a few seasons after their original UK broadcast, so let’s hope we’ll get to see this incredible antique in a few years.

More Kudos To PBS

The Emmy Awards just keep on coming!

A few weeks back, I mentioned the wins PBS had at the Creative Arts Emmy® Awards. I had hoped there’d be a bevy of Primetime Emmy Awards to go with it (sadly not) but that wasn’t the end of the success. In fact, I’ve so busy recently I forgot to mention that the 36th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards presentation was held in New York City on September 28 and PBS programs were honored with 17 News & Documentary Emmy® Awards. That’s more than any other organization!

Here’s a complete list of the News & Documentary Emmy Awards wins for PBS programs. Congratulations to everyone involved for your well-deserved achievement.

Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine
– FRONTLINE “Hunting Boko Haram”

 Outstanding Informational Programming Long-Form
– POV “When I Walk”

Outstanding Nature Programming
– NATURE “Snow Monkeys”

 Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction

 Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting-Long Form

Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine
– FRONTLINE “The Battle for Ukraine”

Outstanding Coverage of a Current News Story-Long Form
– FRONTLINE “United States of Secrets” Continue reading

From Downton To Cape Fear

As we look forward to the final season of Downton Abbey (premiering January 2016 here in the states), the actors who bring the characters to life are moving on to new projects since series production has already wrapped in the UK. Where will they end up? The Tar Heel State may be the answer for one of them.

According to the Wilmington Regional Film Commission website, the pilot for a new TNT series called Good Behavior is in pre-production and one of its stars is none other than Lady Mary herself – Michelle Dockery.

Those who work in the business will tell you that nothing is for certain. TV shows sometimes never make it out of pre-production, characters may get re-cast and productions can re-locate. However, assuming this comes to pass, Michelle Dockery could soon be working here in North Carolina! How neat is that? Of course, we will treat her with the respect and courtesy an actor of her caliber deserves and not fawn over her and ask for autographs at inopportune times. This is the South and we have manners.

All that being said, may I bring to Ms. Dockery’s attention that UNC-TV is just a few hours drive up I-40 from Wilmington should she ever feel the need to visit. We’d love to have her stop by, chat and pose for pictures. No pressure. Just keep it in mind. And welcome to North Carolina!

Acting Up

If you’ve got the acting bug and you look like you’ve just stepped out of a Mathew Brady photograph, you could be in a future PBS show!

Mercy Street, a Civil War-era drama series, is set to film this spring in Virginia and is now looking for extras. The catch? You need to be “very thin” with “no tattoos.”

Of course, other types are needed but, according to a Facebook posting, the production “is looking for men and women ages 18 and older to play doctors, nurses, patients and soldiers in the upcoming Civil War series. Specifically looking for very thin men (with no tattoos) and male amputees to play soldiers.”

So all you community theatre divas better pack your bags, put on your blues and grays and best forlorn stare and head to Richmond. Maybe you’ll be able to DVR yourself in 2016 on the next public television hit series.