Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you tuned in to our Neighbor By Neighbor fundraiser earlier in the month, you may have caught sight of North Carolina’s own Malpass Brothers. On Thursday, June 7, UNC-TV debuted the documentary THE MAPLASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME. This was followed up by the musical siblings live in the UNC-TV studios. To accommodate the duo, our William C. Friday Green Room was turned into a sort of prep area for the Malpasses (Malpi?). Here’s a sign that adorned the door in advance of their arrival.

June 010


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Kind of self-explanatory this week – a small sign mounted outside one our editing suites. I think you may recognize some of our productions that have audiences far outside the Tar Heel State.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Fans of Between The Lions will recognize this curious cub. Her name’s Leona and she’s wild about reading thanks to this wonderful children’s series featuring a family of anthropomorphic lions residing in a library. I spied this cool bean bag toy in a co-worker’s cubicle and snapped the pic.

Feb01_2018 005

Between The Lions debuted in 2000 and ran on PBS until about 2010. The series earned seven Emmy Awards.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

UNC-TV will occasionally host events, screenings, meetings and the like within our RTP facilities. Often, these guests are greeted with a sign that reflects their organization. Here’s one I recently spotted in our lobby welcoming the North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club.

May2018 004

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Did you know that UNC-TV is nearly 65 years old? Here’s a shot of part of a lovely timeline of our public broadcasting organization, from humble single station origins in 1955 to the current statewide network. This pic is simply the start of the 60+ year timeline. Sadly, the location does not allow for me to get a full picture in one shot, so I’ll try to post bits of it here and there in the coming weeks.

May2018 059

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Quick shot this week of a couple of boom microphones in our equipment storage area. If you want more technical info than that, I’m not your guy (forgive me but I’m decades away from any field production experience). My guess is these were used on some remote shoots or other off-site productions. It’s entirely possible the audio you hear on a North Carolina Weekend feature or an Almanac Gardener segment was recorded using one of these mics.

May2018 056