Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Longtime viewers of public television know the name of Bill Moyers. For decades, Bill Moyers brought thoughtful, insightful, meaningful programming to the airwaves. A quick look at our programming database shows 29 series or specials with Bill Moyers in the title (and I’m sure there are plenty of others he hosted or presented which did not bear his name).

Among the archive I discovered some time back, there was a folder of Bill Moyers publicity photos used to promote his many series. Here are a few showcasing some of the veteran journalist’s shows.MOYERS5 Continue reading


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I noticed a new science display near our studios today. I don’t think it was there a few days ago (I don’t get to that part of the building on a regular basis) and I don’t know who put it there (mysterious, eh?) but it certainly caught my attention. UNC-TV and PBS have always had a commitment to science programming and my guess is that this display is just part of all that.

Check it out…

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

On one hand, I think it’s a tired stereotype for a public broadcasting station to give away tote bags. On the other hand, it’s a cliché for a reason. I know we’ve given away plenty, that’s for sure.

Here’s one from a few years back that touted our PBS Kids Young Writers Contest and Extreme Mammals – an exhibition at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I’d estimate we gave away hundreds of bags like this at the State Fair and other events. Maybe you picked up one at a UNC-TV table somewhere?


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

UNC-TV is currently located in the Research Triangle Park in the spacious Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Communications Center. The facility opened in 1989. Before that, we were a bit more spread out. We had studios on the UNC-CH and NCSU campuses. Master control was off in Chatham County. And our primary offices were in the UNC General Administration building.

Conglomerating all of our staff and broadcast facilities under one roof certainly helped streamline our production process. However, there are many who wistfully remember those days when UNC-TV was more diffuse. Below, you’ll see a lovely photo of our Chapel Hill production studios which was located in UNC’s Swain Hall. For those of us who got our start there, this sight prompts fond memories.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I spied these fine examples of ornamental pottery in our storage area some time back. I have no idea if they were ever used as set pieces or will ever be used but there they sit, awaiting any opportunity to enhance any on-air broadcast. Keep a lookout for them in upcoming UNC-TV original productions.


Note: I’ve been informed by a long-time production colleague that the pictured pottery was mostly likely used on the NORTH CAROLINA NOW set and perhaps even repurposed for our BIOGRAPHICAL CONVERSATION series.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another dip into the archives for a look into UNC-TV’s past. This week, a vintage pic from the set of the UNC-TV original series ALMANAC GARDENER. I certainly recognize Mike Gray, host of the show. The others are not immediately known to me. One appears to be the host of a cooking segment and the others may be a producer, director or even a guest. I estimate the photograph to be from the early days of the series so this could be taken on a set from our old studios in Raleigh.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Visit any television studio and look up. Most likely, you’ll see a lighting grid not unlike the one pictured. Lighting Technicians use these grids to place lights to illuminate the various sets and talent you see in shows recorded in or broadcast live from television studios. Lights can be moved about on the grid to create the best on-air look and different types of lights and coverings can be utilized to create different effects. Here are a few shots of the lighting grid from UNC-TV’s Studio B.

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