Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

As you may have gathered, I’m a big fan of Wishbone – the little dog with the big imagination. It was a cool show with a great premise (bring classic books to a young audience) and an ultra-cute canine star. So you can understand my surprise to stumble upon this promotional Wishbone stand-up in a co-worker’s cubicle.

June_15_2017b 003

The display probably dates back to the early days of the show (mid-90s) but I’ve no idea as to its actual origins. I could ask but I don’t want to tip my hand if the cardboard doggie happens to go walkies.


My Top Five: Kids Show Theme Songs

Since the beginning, kids shows have been a staple of PBS programming. If you grew up watching them, you know full well how catchy the theme songs to most kids shows are. And these are theme songs that still resonate decades after you watched them as a kid. That’s why I put together MY TOP FIVE in the following category: Kids Show Theme Songs.

5. The Electric Company – “HEY, YOU GUYS!!!!” I’m talking about the 1970s version here (nothing against the newer one). It’s groovy and poppy and so energetic (befitting, of course, its source).

4. Wishbone – He’s the little dog with the big imagination and he’s got a great theme. What’s the story? The story is I’ll find myself singing this cute, catchy ditty without prompting.

3. Bill Nye The Science Guy – If you know that science rules, you’ve probably caught the Science Guy in action back in the 90s. That electropop theme almost seems like a dance remix of another theme, which is pretty cool. And though it hasn’t been necessary yet, I am ever ready to chant “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!” at the drop of a hat. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I’ve always liked pin-on buttons because you can find them almost anywhere, boasting everything from political slogans to pictures of your favorite pop stars. Working in television, you tend to accumulate more than your fair share (at least I do), picking them up as promotional items and giveaways. Below, is one of my very favorites.


The little button with the big imagination!


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

This week, a little something I picked up at a PBS convention sometime back in the 1990s. It’s a Wishbone notebook. If memory serves, the notebook was a promotional item given out by Big Feats Entertainment in advance of the series premiere.


The little dog with the big imagination on the front cover.


The inside cover where Wishbone gazes thoughtfully over his library.