Sell Out!

One one hand, I’m torn that a beloved SESAME STREET character is used to shill for a website-building company but, on the other hand, – hey, Oscar the Grouch is awesome and he’s getting mega love! Here’s the Squarespace commercial featuring the trash-loving Muppet…

Impress Me Much

Vanity Fair featured a few SESAME STREET Muppets doing impressions of other SESAME STREET characters. It’s mainly just a cuteness overload but there are a few decent belly laughs for true fans. Moreover, I think “I’m here to annoy you!” will become my new catchphrase.

Watch. Vote. Share.

The PBS Online Film Festival is back! The online showcase for short films runs through July 26 and features 25 entries from filmmakers around the country. You can view all the films and vote for your favorites. Vote every day, if you like!

Last year, our own REEL SOUTH won most popular short and we’ve got another entry this year. Check out THE COUNTRY PRIEST and show your support. Maybe we can go for a repeat win!

Doodle Do

In case you haven’t seen the Google Doodle celebrating the Mister Rogers anniversary last week, you should check it out. Honestly, “charming” doesn’t even begin to do it justice. And it’s okay to get a little misty.