Happy Birthday To U(NC-TV)

64 years ago today, UNC-TV signed on the air. At that time, we weren’t the robust statewide public television network you know today (heck, PBS wouldn’t even exist for about 15 years) and were known simply as WUNC-TV, Channel 4 in Chapel Hill. From that sign-on of NC’s first educational station, the network grew into what you see on your screens now. Continue reading


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I spied this poster in a hallway a few months back (I think there was a bit of clearing out when some folks were moving offices). It was used during a past on-air fundraiser to celebrate one of our community partners, the North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club. I know the club is a great supporter of their beloved series and of UNC-TV in general. Each year, they actively help us raise the funds to pay for the British soap they so crave and, as such, stand as a model of fan support for public broadcasting. Kudos, EE Fans!


My Top Five: Life-Changing Programs

UNC-TV has often used the slogan “life-changing television” because we believe the programming we offer can indeed alter a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be in a major way; the smallest thing can make a difference and change a life, whether it’s receiving a GED by watching telecourses, building something with your bare hands after viewing a how-to program or making the most of your Italian honeymoon after seeing Rick Steves show you how.

So I got to thinking: What shows have changed my life? There were more than a few that sprang to mind but I narrowed it down to the usual quintet. So here they are – MY TOP FIVE LIFE-CHANGING SHOWS. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Viewers of UNC-TV will no doubt have encountered signs of our August fundraiser, currently in progress. All week long, we’ve been presenting special programming along with the usual entreaties for your support. Last night, the folk duo Chatham Rabbits joined us in the UNC-TV studios for an evening of music and fun. Hope you had a chance to tune in.

Here’s a quick peek at a behind-the-scenes sight used to keep track of the evening’s fare. When engaging in live television, it’s important for everyone involved – staff, producers, talent, volunteers – to be on the same page and a handy guide like this is invaluable.

Aug20188 021

Think Outside The Box Office

The PBS Online Film Festival is back for another year of celebrating short cinema. Since its launch six years ago, the online festival has featured and celebrated diverse films from member stations, producers and public media partners (BTW: The UNC-TV co-produced series REEL SOUTH has the entry Cowgirl Up, so definitely check out that film). Two prizes are awarded – Most Popular Film and Juried Prize Winner – so you can view the films and vote for your favorites every day. Check out the films at the 2018 PBS Online Film Festival. Balloting ends July 27.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Back in the 1990s, UNC-TV revamped its on-air image. (Nothing out of the ordinary there – broadcast entities do this all the time.) The image consisted of a shadowbox-laden animation featuring various UNC-TV programming logos and objects, along with some North Carolina-themed material. There was a replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, the Wright Brothers flyer, Big Bird, Lamb Chop and references to Tar Heel staples like BBQ, basketball, dogwood and NASCAR. Maybe you remember the on-air image when it aired. If you’re a longtime UNC-TV viewer, I guarantee you saw it.

april2018 029

The photo above is of some of the artwork used to create this on-air image and of the finished product. It was framed and displayed within some staffer’s office, I guess. However, it recently made it’s way to a common area, where I snapped this picture.

And The Tony Goes To…

If you caught my post last week about the Tony Award nominations and the public broadcasting connections, it may please you to know that several of those actors took home the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre. Of course, the nominees are all winners in my book but special congratulations go to Andrew Garfield, Tony Shaloub, Glenda Jackson and Nathan Lane, winners of the Tony in their respective categories.