Wednesday Trivia Question

Gentleman thief M. Hercule Flambeau is a recurring character on what series?

Master criminal Hercule Flambeau first appeared in print in a 1910 short story. Over the decades, the dashing crook has been portrayed on television, film and radio by various actors. Most recently, Flambeau has been played by English actor John Light. But on what television series? Continue reading


Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the original title of the PBS NEWSHOUR?

The NEWSHOUR is PBS’ premier news program, airing seven nights a week on over 350 member stations. It has the distinction of being the country’s first hour-long nightly broadcast of national news, having expanded from 30 to 60 minutes in 1983. Over the decades, the title has changed and updated to reflect the arrival (and sometimes departure) of anchors. Currently, Judy Woodruff sits in the anchor chair on weeknights with Hari Sreenivasan as PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND anchor.

The show began in 1975 after Jim Lehrer joined forces with Robert MacNeil to cover the Watergate hearings. According to the NEWSHOUR website: “The team earned an Emmy Award and initiated one of the most respected journalistic partnerships in television history.” Shortly thereafter, WNET debuted a half-hour weeknightly news program and that show went national just a few months later. The NEWSHOUR has continued to this day and remains committed to serious journalism, on-air and online.

So what was the original title of the PBS NEWSHOUR when it debuted nearly 45 years ago? Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of the space alien who plays with Peg and Cat?

The PBS Kids show PEG + CAT is designed to inspire preschoolers’ natural curiosity about math and help them develop new skills and strategies for solving problems creatively in their daily lives. That being said, it’s a lot of fun. I mean, there’s singing and jokes and an indigo cat – everything you want in a kids show, right? Along the way, Peg and Cat encounter a lot of friends, like Ramone, Pig and Big Mouth. There is also a space alien who plays with Peg and Cat in space. This alien, voiced by Christian DiStefano, is from the purple planet and often cries during tense situations. But what’s his name? Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What was baby James’ first word on DOC MARTIN?

The series DOC MARTIN is a fan favorite. Martin Clunes’ irascible MD is a fantastic character and the quirky goings on in and around the Cornish village of Portwenn continue to entertain viewers season after season. In the latest series, Martin and Louisa’s baby boy said his first word (although his mom missed it, causing her much consternation). So what was it? What was baby James’ first word? Continue reading