Wednesday Trivia Question

Who is the host of MEXICO – ONE PLATE AT A TIME?

Part travelogue and part how-to, MEXICO – ONE PLATE AT A TIME is a cooking series that explores the vibrant classics of the land south of the border. The host is a prominent Chicago chef-restaurateur who specializes in Mexican cuisine with modern interpretations. He’s a restaurant consultant who has written cookbooks and instructed others on the art of Mexican cuisine. He has won the James Beard Foundation Award, the Culinary Institute of America’s Augie Award and the Julia Child Foundation Award, among others.  Continue reading


Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the name of George and Janet’s son on MY HERO?

The Britcom MY HERO was a rare bird indeed – a domestic situation comedy in the form of sci fi. When superhero Thermoman (Ardal O’Hanlon) rescued nurse Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), he fell in love with her and wooed her as his awkward alter ego, George Sunday. The relationship blossomed as George accustomed to the peculiarities of Earth life and an Earth relationship. And despite nosy in-laws and alien fiancées, the couple made it work. Janet got pregnant with their first child who was born not only with a full set of teeth and the ability to talk but with a few superpowers of his own. While George wanted to name his son Pontius (after Pontius Pilate), Janet was pushing for a more normal Benjamin. However, the newborn had his own ideas and named himself. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the name of Sandy’s policeman boyfriend on AS TIME GOES BY?

Ah, AS TIME GOES BY! A fan favorite Britcom, that’s for sure. UNC-TV has been airing the series on and off (mostly on) for twenty years now and Dame Judi Dench was a household name around these parts long before she became a bona fide A-lister. And her co-star, Geoffrey Palmer, is equally beloved and respected in the public broadcasting arena. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of Bert’s twin brother on SESAME STREET?

Yes, Bert from SESAME STREET has a twin brother. Many of the SESAME STREET characters have extended family members that have been referenced or seen in show segments or even books and related properties. Bert’s brother, however, made an actual appearance on the show (perhaps only one – it’s hard to say) as a boisterous salesman who completely throws Ernie for a loop. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD character name is a reference to a famous 17th century literary work?

Over the decades MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD was produced, dozens of characters made appearances, especially in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Some became pretty well known – Daniel Tiger, Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl immediately spring to mind – while others were known only to viewers and many quickly faded into obscurity (I dare you to remember Mr. Allmine, a guy who stole Daniel’s clock in the mid-70s).

Well, one of the puppet characters in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe has a pretty fun name. The character (voiced by Fred Rogers) eventually moved to Someplace Else with Harriet Elizabeth Cow where he operates a Washer Dryer Sorter Dumper there. He originally got on King Friday’s bad side when he arrived in the Neighborhood to build a windmill near the castle. The character’s name is a direct reference to a famous work of fiction. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

Who played Louisa’s mother on DOC MARTIN?

DOC MARTIN, starring Martin Clunes as Portwenn’s peculiarly peevish physician, is a fan favorite show. Eight seasons have aired so far and a ninth is in the works. In the fifteen years the program has been produced, many characters have come and gone (I think the good doctor’s gone through three receptionists alone). One character that viewers should recall is that of Louisa’s mom, Eleanor Glasson. She showed up in series five for a handful of episodes and hasn’t been seen since. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

Who originated the role of Mr. Noodle on SESAME STREET?

The Noodles are a family of characters who appear in the “Elmo’s World” segment of SESAME STREET. There’s Mr. Noodle, Mister Noodle’s brother Mr. Noodle, Ms. Noodle, Miss Noodle and several others. All are mimes who, prompted by instructions from Elmo and other child voices, perform simple tasks, learning through trial and error. The Noodles have been portrayed by various talented actors from stage and screen, including Kristin Chenoweth, Daveed Diggs and the late Michael Jeter. But one actor has the distinction of being the first of the Noodle family to be seen on screen – in fact, he’s credited as Mr. Noodle in a 1996 SESAME STREET appearance, several years before any other sibling.

So who is it? Who was the original Mr. Noodle on SESAME STREET? Continue reading