Fruit of the Lampoon

SESAME STREET does it again. This time it’s an Orange Is The New Black parody. Personally, I’m not sure if my first pick for a kids TV show spoof would be a TV-MA series that no preschooler should ever be exposed to … but you have to marvel at the ingenuity of the title alone (“Orange Is The New Snack” – seriously, how cute is that?).


Over The Moon

NOVA ScienceNow‘s Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the world’s most famous astrophysicists and all he wanted was someone to read Goodnight Moon to him. So guess who stepped up? Reading Rainbow‘s LeVar Burton. The result? One mega-cool team-up that rivals the Mister Rogers-Bill Nye rendezvous from a few weeks back.

Song of the Summer!

If, like me, you stopped listening to popular music in the late 1980s, you may have very little knowledge of the current pop charts. However, you have to live under an actual rock to be unaware of the 2017 Song of the Summer – a song that may well be the song of the decade!

Despacito by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, has been atop the US Billboard Hot 100 since May (in addition to hitting number one in 45 countries) and is the first single primarily in Spanish to top the charts since 1996 (remember the Macarena?). The music video has been the first to reach over three billion views on YouTube and has become the world’s most streamed song ever.

American Experience continues its online look at the Songs of the Summer with a take of this pop powerhouse crossover hit. Find out all you ever needed to know about Despacito.