Who Do You Trust?

The following is from a PBS Press Release, dated February 2nd of this year. I could easily paraphrase but why bother when this lays it out so nicely.

For the 16th consecutive year, PBS and its member stations have been named #1 in public trust among American institutions in a nationwide annual survey. According to the findings released today, Americans rank PBS as more trustworthy than institutions such as courts of law, the federal government and Congress, as well as media sources such as digital platforms, commercial broadcast and cable television, newspapers and social media. Respondents also said that PBS was their most trusted source of news and public affairs programming. Continue reading


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

On one hand, I think it’s a tired stereotype for a public broadcasting station to give away tote bags. On the other hand, it’s a cliché for a reason. I know we’ve given away plenty, that’s for sure.

Here’s one from a few years back that touted our PBS Kids Young Writers Contest and Extreme Mammals – an exhibition at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I’d estimate we gave away hundreds of bags like this at the State Fair and other events. Maybe you picked up one at a UNC-TV table somewhere?


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may recognize this guy from the hit PBS Kids show WILD KRATTS. Yep, it’s Chris Kratt – or is that Martin Kratt? No, I think it’s Chris. I going with Chris. Anyway, It’s Chris Kratt in animated form. To be precise, it’s a representation of the animated Chris Kratt in 2D cut out form. This stand-up figure is used at local kids events, Rootle celebrations, Read-A-Roo Block Parties and the like. I snapped this particular pic after the Rootle gang returned from the State Fair.

October18 004

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Looking through a cache of old photos I discovered a while back, I found a folder of publicity stills used to promote the children’s series LAMB CHOP’S PLAY-ALONG. The show, which ran for four seasons from 1992 to 1995, featured puppeteer Shari Lewis and her beloved creations – sassy Lamb Chop, shy Hush Puppy and goofball Charlie Horse. The program was designed to get kids up and moving and not simply be couch potatoes.

Here are a few photos PBS sent out to help sell the series…

LambChop6 Continue reading