Wednesday Trivia Question


Okay, a slight cheat here in that I’m asking about a book and not a television show but the book was based on a TV program so that’s good enough for me. THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK is a picture book based on SESAME STREET characters. Written by Jon Stone (an original SESAME STREET crew member) and illustrated by Michael Smollin, MONSTER was originally published in 1971 by Little Golden Books. Now, it’s a bestseller that has become a modern classic of children’s literature. In fact, it is so popular it’s hard to imagine any child who grew up watching SESAME STREET hasn’t read or at least seen this book.

So simple enough question – who is the titular MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK?  Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

What color is Baby Bop’s blanket on BARNEY & FRIENDS?

One of the more successful PBS kids shows of the last 30 years is BARNEY & FRIENDS. The show was based on a popular direct-to-video series called BARNEY AND THE BACKYARD GANG, which was produced by Sheryl Leach beginning in the late ’80s. In 1991, Leach was approached about bringing the big purple one to PBS. Debuting in 1992, the program eventually ran for 14 seasons with over 250 episodes.

Aside from the title dinosaur, an affable T-Rex who comes to life through imagination, other characters included B.J., Riff and Baby Bop. The latter, a two-year-old green triceratops (she later turned three in the classic episode “Look at Me, I’m 3!”), wore a pink bow and pink ballet slippers and almost always carried her security blanket, which she called “blankey.” Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Try as I might I could not get a decent picture of this. It’s a Cookie Monster apron! Seriously, how cool is that? I saw it in our Kids & Ed department some months back and just knew I had to get a picture. Some may opt for a more standard culinary covering with a cute slogan like a “Kiss the Cook” or “License to Grill” but I prefer one with the Muppet who is the epitome of om nom nom!

feb2018 005

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you enter our Kids and Education Department (the Rootle folks), you’ll walk down a long hallway/ramp adorned with memories of PBS Kids past and present. Posters, toys, games, souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a snap of just a few of the collected playthings.

June 034

Wednesday Trivia Question

What are the names of the double headed dragon characters on DRAGON TALES?

DRAGON TALES premiered on PBS Kids in September 1998 and ran for almost 100 episodes over three seasons. The series centered around siblings Max and Emmy who used an enchanted dragon scale to transport themselves to Dragon Land. Dragon Land, as the name suggests, was inhabited by magical talking dragons. Fun was had, lessons were learned, edu-tainment was produced. 

Among the dragon characters featured were a pair of conjoined dragon twins. Voiced by Jason Michas and Kathleen Barr, these twins with opposite personalities seemed often at odds with one another yet were obviously very close and cared about each other. Continue reading

You Can’t Spell Peabodys Without PBS

The finalists for the 79th Peabody Awards were announced Wednesday and PBS led the pack with 11 nominations. The Peabody Awards Board of Jurors selected 60 nominees they believe represent the most compelling and empowering stories released in broadcasting and digital media during 2019. The PBS shows that earned nominations were FRONTLINE, POV, INDEPENDENT LENS and the children’s program MOLLY OF DENALI.

The awards ceremony was scheduled for June 19 in Los Angeles but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Peabody Awards were founded in 1940 and are based at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Miranda Is Right

Not long before he took Broadway by storm with his Hamilton, the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda was a cast member on the remake of the PBS Kids series The Electric Company (2009-2010). As someone who grew up with the original, I eschewed the newer version because it seemed less frenetic and overly produced by comparison. Plus the nostalgic love I have for that seminal 1970s show is so ingrained into my makeup that I just didn’t feel the need to watch any pretender to the throne (I would think any children who loved the 21st century version of the program would feel the same to any remakes that might come along in a few decades).

However, when I saw this bit about Silent E that Miranda did, I had to slightly rethink my stance. Sure, it’s just one sketch but how catchy is that song? Check out “Silent E Is A Ninja” from that first episode of the updated The Electric Company in January 2009…

Wednesday Trivia Question

What’s the name of the town in which Arthur lives?

Yep, definitely talking about the animated anthropomorphic aardvark here and not the Dudley Moore character (which has zero to do with PBS so that should go without saying). PBS Kids’ ARTHUR is the longest-running children’s animated series in the US (and the second longest-running animated show overall behind the behemoth that is THE SIMPSONS). It debuted in 1996 and has run for 23 seasons consisting of nearly 250 episodes.

The show centers on elementary school-age Arthur Read. Arthur is the titular aardvark and indeed all the characters are presented as anthropomorphic animals. Arthur’s best friend Buster is a rabbit. Other pals include Binky who is a dog and Muffy, a monkey. Even guest stars appear on the series as animals (who can forget, try as one might, Matt Damon’s bizarre man-bear hybrid). Try not to worry too much about how some of the characters have actual animals as pets. Continue reading