Wednesday Trivia Question

What US president was indirectly responsible for the PBS NewsHour? Continue reading


My Top Five: Celebrity Encounters

As you might imagine, working at a TV station like UNC-TV allows a person to meet any number of celebrities, big and small. Some have appeared as guests on original programming we produce, others have assisted with on-air fund drives to promote their own shows. Some have stopped by to take part in events and others were just passing through. Regardless of how they got here, an encounter with someone whose name recognition far exceeds my own can range from run-of-the-mill to downright thrilling.

So I thought I’d put together My Top Five Public Television Celebrity Encounters. These only include folks I met in person – someone I talked with face to face, rather than just stood with in the same room (otherwise Julia Child and Bill Nye would be on the list). Also, the list does not include people with public broadcasting connections whom I met outside of work at, say, a Doctor Who convention (Elisabeth Sladen and Jon Pertwee, for example). And I obviously do not include celebrities that stopped by UNC-TV if I did not meet them in person (oh so close, James Taylor and Nathan Lane!).

Regardless, it’s a fun list. All these lovely people I did get to say hello to at least once. So enjoy MY TOP FIVE: PUBLIC TELEVISION CELEBRITY ENCOUNTERS. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A quick snap this week of some fridge magnets featuring old UNC-TV brands.

June2_17 018

Just For Kids has been a part of our children’s programming since the 1990s but it will soon be phased out for our 24/7 Kids Channel brand, Rootle. And longtime viewers may recall the name North Carolina Public Television (NCPT). It’s what UNC-TV was called between the UNC Center For Public Television days and the current label.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

When our Festival pledge drive ended in March, we all got parting gifts. Well, maybe that’s too flip but someone (I’m still not certain who the responsible party is) left pens as a reward for everyone’s contribution to our annual fundraiser. It’s a nice gift and really goes to prove that each and every member of the UNC-TV family is a valuable part of Festival and their hard work is very much appreciated.


No, thank you!

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!


Fawlty Towers fans will recall the iconic scene where Basil’s patience finally wears out and he gives his broken down auto a damn good thrashing (it’s from the fantastic episode titled “Gourmet Night” that originally aired in 1975). As you can tell from the photo above, this scene has been commemorated in miniature by die-cast model manufacturer Corgi Classics Limited. The model was offered some time back as a public television exclusive thank you gift and it’s a pretty cool addition to any Anglophile’s collection.