Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

As I’ve said before, we love t-shirts here in public broadcasting. They make great swag. Here’s one I believe someone brought me from a PBS conference.

The 24/7 PBS Kids launched a few years back so my guess is this shirt was a giveaway to promote said service (UNC-TV’s Rootle now consists of the PBS Kids channel combined with our weekend Read-A-Roo Block Party).


And here’s the back of the tee…



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Spend any amount of time within the halls of UNC-TV and you’ll spy promotional posters for programs past and present, national and local. Here’s one for the old UNC-TV original series LAP QUILTING WITH GEORGIA BONESTEEL. You may remember the show, which started in 1979 and ran for twelve seasons. It’s been a popular how-to program both statewide and nationally. [Fun fact: LAP QUILTING was one of the shows I worked on as a student intern.]

Dec14_2017 003

And The Winner Is…

Once again, PBS receives a few accolades of note as PBS programs were honored with seven News & Documentary Emmy® Awards, more than any other organization. The 39th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards were presented on October 1 at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City.

PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger said, “Audiences are hungry for high-quality programs that bring light to the pressing issues of our day. PBS continues to be a trusted beacon of education and inspiration for all Americans.”

The PBS’ News & Documentary Emmy® Award winners are:

Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary

FRONTLINE “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail”
Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another pic from the archives this week – one from a time before even I roamed the halls of UNC-TV (in fact, before these halls even existed or UNC-TV was, in name, UNC-TV is my guess). The publicity still below shows veteran journalist Edward Newman (1919-2010) as host of the program ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR. When this show aired, I cannot say because I can find no sign of it. Our current programming database doesn’t go back that far and imdb.com has no credit for Newman with that title.

newman1I thought the show might have been broadcast in 1984 since that year had a September 28 which fell on a Friday but our monthly programming guide Centerpiece doesn’t have the show listed on that date. Moreover, I note that although the description lists the title as ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR the picture itself has THE NIMH REPORT: THE BIG DEBATE in the monitor. There is no show of that name either, as far as I can tell.

So no telling when or where or even if this program saw the light of day (although my guess is it did somewhere in the 1980s) but it was, at the very least, publicized to some extent.