Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Now that DOWNTON ABBEY is in cinemas, I thought I’d feature some posters I found promoting the series and a special event.

0919 007

The first is for the 9th Annual UNC-TV Appreciation Dinner. When and where was it held? You’re assuming I was invited. I’m sure it was a lovely affair regardless who attended.

0919 003

The next was for a Preview Screening of the show’s fifth season, which premiered on MASTERPIECE here in the states in 2015. The Preview Screening could have been held for critics or donors or anyone we might have been wanting to impress. (Again, I wasn’t invited.)


Sounds Familiar

“No, no, I’m not gonna measure ’cause measuring is the enemy of precision.” – Christopher M. Schwarz, King of the Anarchist Woodworkers, talking to classic cut-up Roy Underhill, THE WOODWRIGHT’S SHOP

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you volunteer during one of our on-air fundraisers then you might see a sign like the one below. Our Spring Fund Drive (formerly called Festival) has always depended on the kindness and devotion of our volunteers. They come into our studios, answer phones and help us raise money for the programs and services we offer. We couldn’t do it without them! And when volunteers are here at UNC-TV we definitely want them to share their experience on social media.

3_16_17 044

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Here’s a shot of something you may have seen on air -seen but never really noticed. These framed pictures were on the set of THE WOODWRIGHT’S SHOP. Off to the left side of the screen, as you’re viewing the show. I took this snap a while back so I don’t know how long the pictures were there or if they still exist but Roy Underhill’s classic how-to set up was always full of small items like this, making it continually interesting to watch.


By the way, no – I don’t know who the people in photographs are. My guess is no one you’d know. I’d wager they weren’t Roy’s great-grandparents or anything like that. Probably the pics were just props picked up at a yard sale or procured from someone’s attic. If I get the chance to inquire further, I will.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A television production requires a lot of planning. You don’t just show up and hope for the best. The production crew need to know when to arrive, the talent needs a call time, the lighting crew and sound crew need to know when they can set up. It’s a big deal because a single mistake or miscommunication could mean loss of revenue or even the cancellation of the day’s recording.

As such, you may spy a production schedule like the one below if you’re ever in a television studio. This one was put together for our IN STUDIO concert series (I mentioned them earlier in the week). The performances and production went smoothly because no one was left out of the loop.

7_18_19 008

Watch. Vote. Share.

The PBS Online Film Festival is back! The online showcase for short films runs through July 26 and features 25 entries from filmmakers around the country. You can view all the films and vote for your favorites. Vote every day, if you like!

Last year, our own REEL SOUTH won most popular short and we’ve got another entry this year. Check out THE COUNTRY PRIEST and show your support. Maybe we can go for a repeat win!