Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

When you work in broadcasting, you are forced to think ahead. What to air, what to produce, what to acquire. With that in mind, I caught sight of this message on a white board in one of the offices here recently.


You have been warned.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Say what you want about public broadcasting but one thing is indisputable – we got great swag! I am often amazed at the awesome gift baskets I see around the building that I assume will be given out as prizes at special events. Below are a couple of these baskets containing t-shirts, DVDs, plush toys and other chotchkes.


I don’t know if these were prizes or something just made up for decoration but I’m sure this would be a welcome gift for any UNC-TV viewer (or staffer).

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Any time you’re in a broadcast facility you may see a sign like the one below. If it’s lit up, be very quiet because someone is – you guessed it – recording.

Nov30_2017 007

This snap was taken outside the Lightboard @ Studio In The Park room. What’s a lightboard? A very nifty device that allows for video to include dynamic graphics. Read up on it HERE.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

During UNC-TV’s long and storied history, our facilities have been housed in different locations. Currently, we are in the Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Communications Center in the Research Triangle Park. In the past, we have had studios on the both the North Carolina State campus in Raleigh and the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill. The watercolor pictures below are by Chapel Hill artist Kip Gerard and showcase the present locale in RTP and the original UNC studios in Swain Hall – complete with the remote truck used for off-site productions at the time. They are most likely reproductions but I spotted them hanging in our technical operations center and thought they were very cool.

Oct25_2017 027 Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Of all the sets used for local productions here at UNC-TV, the most fascinating will always be that of The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill. It is chock full of interesting knickknacks from previous seasons and all sorts of woodworking bric-a-brac. For instance, here’s a shot of a wooden boot on a stool. Nothing more, nothing less … just a wooden boot. A pretty cool sight nonetheless.

Sept21_2017 028