Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Back in July, I shared a picture of the ceramic chicken that showed up in our breakroom. No, it wasn’t exactly PBS-themed despite its appearance here at UNC-TV. Well, the chicken has been supplanted by a new ceramic centerpiece – a white pineapple! Again, this has nothing to do (as far as I can tell) with our programming or our services but I just find it fascinating for some reason. Thus, I share.

So, behold! The white pineapple in the UNC-TV breakroom! The mind reels at what might come next.

Spet2018 011


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

At UNC-TV, sometimes we give away stuff. SWAG, premiums, prizes, tchotchkes, things that you can get by making a donation or visiting us at an event or a local fair. But we like to give away things small and large. Whether it’s a bumper sticker or pin-on button, we give things away so you, the viewer, will know we appreciate your support and can, in turn, share that love with others.

I spied these boxes near the office of our On-Air Fundraising Producer a while back. It’s T-shirts. A couple of great big boxes of T-shirts. These may have been given away to volunteers or donors or members of the public who happened to stop by at our booth at the NC State Fair. Who knows? At the point in time this picture was taken it’s all pure untapped torso-covering potential.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

As a major hurricane bears down on the Carolinas, we at UNC-TV, North Carolina Public Media, are attempting to cover any emergency announcements from Governor Roy Cooper and the state’s Emergency Management Team. Tune into our LIVE STREAM for any briefings as they occur. Stay safe.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I spied this poster in a hallway a few months back (I think there was a bit of clearing out when some folks were moving offices). It was used during a past on-air fundraiser to celebrate one of our community partners, the North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club. I know the club is a great supporter of their beloved series and of UNC-TV in general. Each year, they actively help us raise the funds to pay for the British soap they so crave and, as such, stand as a model of fan support for public broadcasting. Kudos, EE Fans!


My Top Five: Life-Changing Programs

UNC-TV has often used the slogan “life-changing television” because we believe the programming we offer can indeed alter a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be in a major way; the smallest thing can make a difference and change a life, whether it’s receiving a GED by watching telecourses, building something with your bare hands after viewing a how-to program or making the most of your Italian honeymoon after seeing Rick Steves show you how.

So I got to thinking: What shows have changed my life? There were more than a few that sprang to mind but I narrowed it down to the usual quintet. So here they are – MY TOP FIVE LIFE-CHANGING SHOWS. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Viewers of UNC-TV will no doubt have encountered signs of our August fundraiser, currently in progress. All week long, we’ve been presenting special programming along with the usual entreaties for your support. Last night, the folk duo Chatham Rabbits joined us in the UNC-TV studios for an evening of music and fun. Hope you had a chance to tune in.

Here’s a quick peek at a behind-the-scenes sight used to keep track of the evening’s fare. When engaging in live television, it’s important for everyone involved – staff, producers, talent, volunteers – to be on the same page and a handy guide like this is invaluable.

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