Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another dip into the archives this week as we take a look back at the production of an educational program from the formative days on UNC-TV. There’s not a date on the photograph but it looks to be 1950s, perhaps early 1960s. Sadly, no idea as to the name of the program or the talent involved either. However, I’m pretty certain this was taken inside the original WUNC studios on the UNC campus (the old Swain Hall facilities).



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Last summer during an on-air fundraiser, the Malpass Brothers joined us in the studio as we presented Heading Home, a documentary about their music. I spotted this promotional poster in the fundraiser offices a while back.

august18 025

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I caught sight of these projections on floor of our main studio a while back. I’m not sure if they were experimentations or they were used during some project destined for broadcast or what the purpose was exactly. Regardless, these light projections were pretty neat. Check out the UNC-TV logo and our Rootle brand.

august18 014

Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

Discover one man’s obsession with preserving the past as we meet Dr. Robert Hart, a country doctor turned preservationist. Step back in time to visit his creation on the 1840 CAROLINA VILLAGE, a three-part UNC-TV classic series – beginning Wednesday night at 10 on the North Carolina Channel.

Jenna Coleman discusses leaving the role of the Queen on VICTORIA – and who she’d like to replace her as an older monarch. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Discovered this little item a while back. It’s a freebie Frisbee (excuse me – flying disc) that was given out as part of the Fit Together campaign (Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and the NC Health Wellness Trust Fund were sponsors). I’m guessing it was a giveaway at UNC-TV events, like the State Fair and Rootle Block Parties.

april2019 013

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

This week, we take another gaze into the deep past of UNC-TV – way back when it was just one channel based on the UNC campus. What you see below is the original remote truck out back at Swain Hall in Chapel Hill. The crew appears to be setting up equipment for a live broadcast. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on (we do things a little differently today, as you might well imagine). It appears to be from the 1950s, perhaps early 1960s. Regardless, this is a fascinating look into the beginnings of the statewide public broadcasting network you know and love today.