Where Do I Know That Actor?

A quick one this week as we look at last Saturday’s Midsomer Murders – part one of “The Axeman Cometh.” In the episode, the band Hired Gun reunites to perform at the Midsomer Rocks Music Festival (where murder soon follows, of course). In it, the aging rocker Gary Cooper was played by actor Phil Davis. Davis may not be a household name but he’s been seen on UNC-TV in various roles for years.

Most recently, Davis played servant Jud Paynter in the Poldark series on Masterpiece. Going back a few years, he was Mickey Joy in Silk, Brian Edwards in Collision, Smallweed in Bleak House and Archie in White Teeth. Along the way there were guest appearances in everything from Bergerac and Rumpole Of The Bailey to Lark Rise To Candleford and Doctor Who. Also of note – Phil Davis played Prince/King John in the 1980s Robin Hood series starring Michael Praed and Jason Connery.

“The Axeman Cometh” concludes on Midsomer Murders Saturday night at 8.

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