C Is For Cookie!

Technically, it’s still SESAME STREET’s fiftieth anniversary so I thought I’d look back at a classic tune as sung by everyone’s favorite baked goods consumer. Still catchy after all these years and – wow, I did not remember that Muppet monster chorus in the background. Very cool.

Sell Out!

One one hand, I’m torn that a beloved SESAME STREET character is used to shill for a website-building company but, on the other hand, – hey, Oscar the Grouch is awesome and he’s getting mega love! Here’s the Squarespace commercial featuring the trash-loving Muppet…

Bye, Bird

A day later, the news of Caroll Spinney’s passing still hasn’t quite sunk in. His career spanned decades and his legacy will inspire others still for decades to come.

As such, I thought it nice to relive this tribute that SESAME STREET put out last year when the puppeteer retired. It takes on a special poignancy now but it should give you an idea how exceptional the man truly was (as if we all didn’t already know).

This Bird Has Flown

Very sad news. Caroll Spinney passed away Sunday in his Connecticut home. The beloved puppeteer will be best known for portraying Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for nearly fifty years on SESAME STREET. He was 85.

Spinney had a lifelong love of puppets and first met Jim Henson at a puppetry festival in 1962. He was with SESAME STREET from the very start and earned multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the celebrated children’s program. Spinney also received a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 2006.

Although Caroll Spinney retired from SESAME STREET in October of last year, he left a legacy of laughter, love and life for generations of kids and adults.

50 Years Of Sunny Days

SESAME STREET premiered November 10, 1969. Fifty years later the series is enmeshed into our pop culture psyche in a way few TV shows have managed to achieve. If you’ve missed the news coverage of this golden anniversary, here are a few choice articles about the program that taught us it’s okay to love trash and that cookies are a sometimes food.

The British network ITV talks about the show’s landmark birthday.

BBC News lists five moments that define the show’s half century.

USA Today examines how the children’s series broke new ground.

Time discusses Big Bird’s ability to make friends wherever he goes. Continue reading