Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may know this helpful young lass. She’s Arthur’s sister D. W. and, right now, she’s directing you towards our Kids & Education department. Those are the folks that you’ll often see out and about in schools and at community events to promote UNC-TV and especially Rootle, our Kids Channel. They have lots of cool toys and are best pals with Read-A-Roo.

feb28_19 002


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Fans of Between The Lions will recognize this curious cub. Her name’s Leona and she’s wild about reading thanks to this wonderful children’s series featuring a family of anthropomorphic lions residing in a library. I spied this cool bean bag toy in a co-worker’s cubicle and snapped the pic.

Feb01_2018 005

Between The Lions debuted in 2000 and ran on PBS until about 2010. The series earned seven Emmy Awards.

Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear?

Fans of Sesame Street know that one of the most trusted Muppet-toy relationships belongs to Big Bird and his teddy bear (Ernie and Rubber Duckie being a close second). The little brown bear was given to Big Bird as a special gift from the late Mr. Hooper so it’s understandable that it would be his most treasured possession. The teddy bear has been a friend and confidante to Big Bird making it much more than a transitional object to our fine feathered friend. Over the years, the stuffed toy has been featured in many Sesame Street storylines and merchandise. But what is the bear’s name? Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Because the numerous PBS Kids shows we air lend themselves so readily to toy sales, you can often find examples of such products in the offices and cubicles around UNC-TV. Here’s a fine example of a Sesame Street character adorning the name plate outside a colleague’s office.

I’d wager the grouchy nature of the small plush is merely exhibited ironically and not intended as a blanket statement of her approachability.


Oscar The Grouch is my spirit animal!