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Where Do I Know That Actor?

Over on UNC-EX, Saturday nights is devoted to some prime fare from across the pond. Currently, The Fixer is the crime drama that caps off the evening. The show follows ex-Special Forces officer John Mercer, who works for a covert state security squad as a government-backed assassin.

Well, if you’re watching, you’ve possibly spotted a familiar face from a beloved series that caps off another evening. Tamzin Outhwaite plays Rose Chamberlain. The name may not ring a bell but if you’re a long-time EastEnders fan you’ve definitely seen her work. Outhwaite portrayed Melanie on over 400 episodes of the British soap beginning in 1998 (I estimate UNC-TV aired them in the mid-00s).

Melanie, if you recall, is an ex of Ian Beale and later the wife of the late Steve Owen. A quick look online (because even a fan like myself forgets sometimes) revealed Mel had been romantically linked on EastEnders to Billy Mitchell, Phil Mitchell and former Queen Vic owner Dan Sullivan. Hey, it’s a soap opera – lots of salacious storylines to remember, y’know. Regardless, Tamzin Outhwaite’s Melanie was a major character during her tenure, so it’s nice to see her pop up elsewhere.

The Fixer airs Saturdays at 11pm on UNC-EX and Thursdays at 10pm on UNC-MX.

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