My Top Five: British Comedy Theme Songs

It’s no secret I love British comedy. I was devouring Monty Python’s Flying Circus while schoolmates were still hooked on Happy Days. Sometimes I’ll find myself thinking of a favorite Britcom and how much I love its particular theme song. So it just seemed obvious I should figure out MY TOP FIVE BRITISH COMEDY THEME SONGS. As always, these are not the best or most popular, just my personal Top Five list. Yours may (and probably should) differ.

5) GOOD NEIGHBORS (UK Title: The Good Life). No words to this theme song just a jaunty little tune with a roughly animated bird flying around a flower, for the most part. Of course, it’s a great show and an all-time fave and, I’ll be honest, when that bird momentarily looks at the camera, mouth agape – man, that just gets me every time.

4) FATHER’S DAY. No, you’ve probably never heard of it. I can find very little mention of it online, aside from an entry on, but I really like this mid-80s family comedy headed by John Alderton (No, Honestly). Plus the theme song was written by Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford of the band Squeeze and sung by 80s pop idol Paul Young. [It’s not on YouTube but I did find an extended play of the tune at this fan site.] Continue reading