Wednesday Trivia Question

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Who Do You Trust?

The following is from a PBS Press Release, dated February 2nd of this year. I could easily paraphrase but why bother when this lays it out so nicely.

For the 16th consecutive year, PBS and its member stations have been named #1 in public trust among American institutions in a nationwide annual survey. According to the findings released today, Americans rank PBS as more trustworthy than institutions such as courts of law, the federal government and Congress, as well as media sources such as digital platforms, commercial broadcast and cable television, newspapers and social media. Respondents also said that PBS was their most trusted source of news and public affairs programming. Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

UNC-TV is currently located in the Research Triangle Park in the spacious Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Communications Center. The facility opened in 1989. Before that, we were a bit more spread out. We had studios on the UNC-CH and NCSU campuses. Master control was off in Chatham County. And our primary offices were in the UNC General Administration building.

Conglomerating all of our staff and broadcast facilities under one roof certainly helped streamline our production process. However, there are many who wistfully remember those days when UNC-TV was more diffuse. Below, you’ll see a lovely photo of our Chapel Hill production studios which was located in UNC’s Swain Hall. For those of us who got our start there, this sight prompts fond memories.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Visit any television studio and look up. Most likely, you’ll see a lighting grid not unlike the one pictured. Lighting Technicians use these grids to place lights to illuminate the various sets and talent you see in shows recorded in or broadcast live from television studios. Lights can be moved about on the grid to create the best on-air look and different types of lights and coverings can be utilized to create different effects. Here are a few shots of the lighting grid from UNC-TV’s Studio B.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

As I’ve said before, we love t-shirts here in public broadcasting. They make great swag. Here’s one I believe someone brought me from a PBS conference.

The 24/7 PBS Kids launched a few years back so my guess is this shirt was a giveaway to promote said service (UNC-TV’s Rootle now consists of the PBS Kids channel combined with our weekend Read-A-Roo Block Party).


And here’s the back of the tee…


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you’ve ever watched a live break during one of on-air fundraisers and wondered how the folks extoling the virtues of our programming know when to stop talking and let someone else pick up the verbal baton, the answer is simple – the floor manager. A floor manager is someone who helps coordinate and inform on-air talent with visual clues – essentially, the intermediate between the director in the control room and the people on camera. Occasionally, floor managers communicate via hand signals, often it’s signs that are either pre-printed or written on the fly.

Here’s a collection of signs used by floor managers during a recent fundraiser. I found them after the fact on a table in our main studio.

Aug20188 018