Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you’ve ever watched a live break during one of on-air fundraisers and wondered how the folks extoling the virtues of our programming know when to stop talking and let someone else pick up the verbal baton, the answer is simple – the floor manager. A floor manager is someone who helps coordinate and inform on-air talent with visual clues – essentially, the intermediate between the director in the control room and the people on camera. Occasionally, floor managers communicate via hand signals, often it’s signs that are either pre-printed or written on the fly.

Here’s a collection of signs used by floor managers during a recent fundraiser. I found them after the fact on a table in our main studio.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another pic from the archives this week – one from a time before even I roamed the halls of UNC-TV (in fact, before these halls even existed or UNC-TV was, in name, UNC-TV is my guess). The publicity still below shows veteran journalist Edward Newman (1919-2010) as host of the program ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR. When this show aired, I cannot say because I can find no sign of it. Our current programming database doesn’t go back that far and imdb.com has no credit for Newman with that title.

newman1I thought the show might have been broadcast in 1984 since that year had a September 28 which fell on a Friday but our monthly programming guide Centerpiece doesn’t have the show listed on that date. Moreover, I note that although the description lists the title as ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR the picture itself has THE NIMH REPORT: THE BIG DEBATE in the monitor. There is no show of that name either, as far as I can tell.

So no telling when or where or even if this program saw the light of day (although my guess is it did somewhere in the 1980s) but it was, at the very least, publicized to some extent.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Getting ready to go on air for a guest spot on NC SPIN or to pitch to viewers during a live On-Air Fundraiser? Then you might want to touch up that shiny forehead!


What you see here is our meager make-up station. Unlike some channels and studios that might have a full-time make-up person on staff, UNC-TV relies on volunteers and self-administered applications to ensure talent looks good on your screens. And right here is where the magic happens.

Wednesday Trivia Question

What series was James Parker talking about when he said in the January/February 2013 issue of The Atlantic: “Preposterous as history, preposterous as drama, the show succeeds magnificently as bad television. The dialogue spins light-operatically along in the service of multiplying plotlets, not too hard on the ear, although now and again a line lands like a tray of dropped spoons. The acting is superb—it has to be.” Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

After I mentioned last week that the UNC-TV lobby is currently being renovated, I remembered I had once taken a photo of said lobby (prior to renovation) and thought I’d share. If you’ve visited our RTP facilities for a tour or to volunteer or maybe even as a guest on one of our local productions then you’ve passed through this gateway to the UNC-TV studios.


This shot was from the second floor walkway. After the renovations are completed, I’ll take another pic so we can compare and contrast.

PBS Wins Again!

The Telly Awards celebrate excellence in video and television across all screens. In a world where how we watch what we watch is constantly evolving and blurring lines as quickly as technology develops, that succinct explanation is very cool. However, the coolest thing about this year’s Telly Awards is that PBS won 22 of them!

The winners of the 39th Annual Telly Awards were announced on May 22nd. Here’s a list of the PBS-related programs and media that were honored…



General Documentary: Individual




General Documentary: Individual Continue reading