Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of Ernie’s baby cousin on SESAME STREET? Continue reading


Street View

Surely everyone knows that SESAME STREET is an important and useful broadcast educational tool. But did you know the Sesame Workshop is working behind the scenes to assist migrant families separated at the border?

The Atlantic has an amazing article on the subject. Click HERE to read.

Not So Sunny Day

The news is true and it’s a little sad – Maria is leaving Sesame Street.

You may have seen the headlines and there’s probably not much I can add. However, for anyone who grew up with Sesame Street or has any emotional investment in this exceptional education program, this is a bittersweet moment, at best.

The Sesame Workshop posted the following statement on the Sesame Street Facebook page on Thursday, July 2:

Sonia Manzano has announced her retirement from Sesame Street, but she will always be a part of the fabric of our neighborhood. During her 44-year career as the iconic “Maria,” and the first leading Latina woman on television, she was a role model for young girls and women for generations. Sonia’s talents on Sesame Street extend beyond her groundbreaking role on camera; she also earned 15 Emmy awards as a member of Sesame Street’s writing team. We’ll always be grateful for her many years on Sesame Street as a champion of diversity and helping millions of kids grow up smarter, stronger and kinder.

Again, nothing much to add. Maria will be missed but we can only savor the fond memories and wish Sonia well. And remember: as long as we still have Sesame Street, everything will be A-OK.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!


Back in the 1990s, PBS had a slew of original kids programming that I found entertaining. One of those shows was the series Ghostwriter. It was produced by the then Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) and BBC One. The series followed a disembodied spirit with a penchant for words who helped a group of Brooklyn kids solve mysteries. Sounds a little bit like Stephen King meets Scooby Doo (and for all I know, that was the pitch) but it was a charming program that made reading and writing both interesting and fun.

The mouse pad seen above is something I snagged from either a PBS convention or someone tossed my way because they knew I was a fan. Either way, I’ve held onto it over the years.