Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

This happy 2D figure is of course none other than Read-A-Roo, UNC-TV’s longtime children’s programming mascot. Now a fixture of Rootle, Read-A-Roo can be seen online, on telly and in person at community events (plus on the wall in our Kids & Education Department as seen below). If your kids don’t know Read-A-Roo, you’re not exposing them to the right kind of television!

feb28_19 005

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Back in 1995, UNC-TV celebrated its fortieth anniversary as North Carolina’s statewide public television network. To celebrate, the station held an open house and invited viewers to stop by and see our facilities and meet some of our on-air talent. Here’s part of a press packet that went out to promote the event.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may know this helpful young lass. She’s Arthur’s sister D. W. and, right now, she’s directing you towards our Kids & Education department. Those are the folks that you’ll often see out and about in schools and at community events to promote UNC-TV and especially Rootle, our Kids Channel. They have lots of cool toys and are best pals with Read-A-Roo.

feb28_19 002

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may recognize this guy from the hit PBS Kids show WILD KRATTS. Yep, it’s Chris Kratt – or is that Martin Kratt? No, I think it’s Chris. I going with Chris. Anyway, It’s Chris Kratt in animated form. To be precise, it’s a representation of the animated Chris Kratt in 2D cut out form. This stand-up figure is used at local kids events, Rootle celebrations, Read-A-Roo Block Parties and the like. I snapped this particular pic after the Rootle gang returned from the State Fair.

October18 004

Rootle Up!

The crew from Rootle, UNC-TV’s Kids Channel, invites you to join them tomorrow for a live music-filled event that will thrill kids and kids at heart.

Read-a-roo’s Block Party Live takes place tomorrow (March 18) from 10am to 2pm at Northlake Mall in Charlotte and includes live performances by el Sistema inspired youth orchestras Kidznotes, Charlotte Symphony’s Winterfield Youth Orchestra and MusicalMinds NC. In addition to the performances, there’ll be music-themed craft activities, an instrument petting zoo and meet and greets with PBS Kids stars Arthur, DW and Curious George. Of course, everyone’s favorite well-read marsupial Read-a-roo will be on hand as well.

Bring the kids, bring yourselves and bring a love of all things music. The event is free and open to the public so come out and say hi to the Rootle gang!