Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another pic from the archives this week – one from a time before even I roamed the halls of UNC-TV (in fact, before these halls even existed or UNC-TV was, in name, UNC-TV is my guess). The publicity still below shows veteran journalist Edward Newman (1919-2010) as host of the program ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR. When this show aired, I cannot say because I can find no sign of it. Our current programming database doesn’t go back that far and imdb.com has no credit for Newman with that title.

newman1I thought the show might have been broadcast in 1984 since that year had a September 28 which fell on a Friday but our monthly programming guide Centerpiece doesn’t have the show listed on that date. Moreover, I note that although the description lists the title as ON TELEVISION: THE VIOLENCE FACTOR the picture itself has THE NIMH REPORT: THE BIG DEBATE in the monitor. There is no show of that name either, as far as I can tell.

So no telling when or where or even if this program saw the light of day (although my guess is it did somewhere in the 1980s) but it was, at the very least, publicized to some extent.


Frontline On Line

Last week, FRONTLINE pre-empted its regular schedule to re-broadcast its show on John McCain in honor of the late Senator. Last minute program substitutions like this are rare but they do occur in special circumstances like this. As such, it’s difficult to promote a schedule change of this immediacy. So, if you missed the timely broadcast of McCAIN, you can watch the program online at the FRONTLINE web site. ICYMI, as it were.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Longtime viewers of UNC-TV may recall the series GLOBE WATCH. Along with shows such as STATELINE, LEGISLATIVE WEEK IN REVIEW and NC THIS WEEK, GLOBE WATCH was a staple of our locally-produced public affairs programming. It was hosted by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill history professor Jim Leutze and explored national and international politics, history and current events.

Some months back, I discovered a cache of archival material. Among the photos and press releases was this publicity still for GLOBE WATCH, apparently sent out to the press before the series premiere. The photo is of the program’s host standing next to a wee bit on-the-nose prop.

Globewatch2 Continue reading

Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

Join Margaret Hoover for a public affairs talk show that delivers a civil and engaging contest of ideas among the brightest minds and freshest voices from across the political spectrum. Don’t miss FIRING LINE – Friday nights at 10:30 on the North Carolina Channel.

Michelle Dockery talks about life after Downton Abbey and her role in the Netflix western GODLESS. Continue reading

POTUS Parley

Like most broadcast entities, UNC-TV plans its programming schedule months in advance. However, late-arriving offerings, breaking news and the like can cause for changes to the promoted schedule. We try to alert viewers to these alterations as soon as we can but are often given little time or resources to do so.

As such, I thought I’d mention a schedule change occurring next week. On Wednesday, June 1st, PBS Newshour is presenting a one-hour primetime special called Questions For President Obama in which Gwen Ifill will sit down for an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama in Elkhart, Indiana. A town hall meeting will follow, giving local residents time to ask the questions of the President.

I think that in a year where those striving for the presidency are getting most of the attention, it’s a good thing the PBS Newshour is taking the time to present a television event with the man who currently holds the job.

Questions For President Obama airs Wednesday at 8pm on UNC-TV.