Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A few weeks back, UNC-TV held a holiday food drive for the IFC Food Pantry in Carrboro. It’s the season of giving and UNC-TV employees gave generously. Here’s a shot of the donations taken by food drive organizer and UNC-TV lighting guru Steve Price.


Cookie Monster surveys the haul – a prodigious offering but a light snack for him, I’m guessing.



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Some weeks back, I spoke of the amazing wildlife that surrounds the UNC-TV facilities and posted a few pictures. As we move squarely into fall, I thought it nice to revisit with some shots taken from the UNC-TV breakroom.

Deer and geese take advantage of a feeder on UNC-TV's grounds.

Deer and geese take advantage of a feeder on UNC-TV’s grounds.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Race to the Finish, our most recent on-air fund drive, ended on Sunday and we’re always grateful to all the folks who show up to volunteer. Here are a couple of shots of the activity.


Thanks to the happy, smiling faces who take pledges of support from viewers like you!


A quick glance at the action from behind the cameras. Our awesome crew is as vital as the volunteers.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Look! Up in the air! What’s that speck in the clouds?

Oh my stars, it’s out tower crew!




Seriously. These are some of the folks who climb the towers that transmit our signal. They make sure the apparatus stays in working order and help keep us on the air. Personally, I can’t imagine what it takes to do this but I am so grateful that there are dedicated people like this who work for UNC-TV that are capable of this derring-do.

Kudos to these brave men. For more photos of the tower crew, visit our Flickr page.

And many thanks to UNC-TV’s own Director of Digital Media, David Huppert, for the incredible photos.