B Cool

Take a classically-trained, A-list actor and give him a B and what do you get? A fantastic soliloquy to the second letter of the alphabet as delivered by Sir Patrick Stewart.

Ah, Sesame Street! What can’t you do?


Happy Birthday To Who

Today is actor David Tennant’s birthday! He’s been seen in various Masterpiece series (He Knew He Was Right, Casanova, The Escape Artist). He played Hamlet opposite Patrick Stewart’s Claudius on Great Performances. He’s even guest starred on programs like Foyle’s War and The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries. Any of those roles would be enough to get him a mention here, but let’s face it – David Tennant is best known as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who and that puts him in rare company. He’s even married to Peter Davison’s daughter, which makes him the son-in-law of a Doctor, and that’s pretty awesome!

So happy birthday, David Tennant. You’re the apotheosis of cool!