Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Some weeks back, UNC-TV took part in a citizen science program called Candid Critters by installing a camera trap behind our facilities. The program, which is sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, is designed to take photos of wildlife in the Tar Heel State.

Here are a few shots of some of the intriguing fauna found in UNC-TV’s backyard…


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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Technically, this isn’t a picture taken at UNC-TV but I think it’s worth sharing.

I was at the North Carolina Museum Of Natural Sciences recently – a fantastic museum, by the way – and noticed this book in one of their gift shops…


Yes, it’s PBS Kids star Curious George! Granted, the insatiable simian isn’t exclusive to our airwaves but I have no problem believing there’s a generation of young people whose first exposure to George is from the animated series we broadcast. And I love the title: Curious George Discovers Germs. Just take a look at the poor monkey’s little face!