Yay, Us!

UNC-TV won six regional Emmys at the 33rd Midsouth Emmy Awards held February 16 in Nashville. Congratulations to all of the talented people who worked on these programs and who help make UNC-TV shine on a daily basis.

Here is a list of the UNC-TV winners…


Edwin Gil/Upcycled Glass, UNC-TV, Jonathan Steve Duran Arriola


MUSE 126, UNC-TV, Katy M. Loebrich, Jonathan Steve Duran Arriola, Morgan Potts


Hobey Ford: Puppeteer, UNCTV, Morgan Potts


My Home, North Carolina, UNC-TV, Heather Burgiss, Miriam McSpadden, Jonathan Steve Duran Arriola, Nathan Shepherd, Amy Meiggs, Galen Black


Middle School Science Animations, UNC-TV, Galen Black, Paula Edelson, Melissa Salpietra


A Little Weather, UNC-TV, Morgan Potts


Award Shows

The 31st Annual Midsouth Regional Emmy Awards were announced at a ceremony in Nashville, TN on January 21 and three UNC-TV projects were honored with awards. Here’s a list of the winners…


Seasonal Science, UNC-TV, David Huppert, Melissa Salpietra


Our State 801, UNC-TV, Morgan Potts, David Hardy, Heather Dollar, Mike Burke, Amy Meiggs, Karen Pearce, Mike Milstead


PBS Kids Writers Winner’s Circle, UNC-TV, Heather Dollar, Len Faulconer, Tisha Howard, Nancy Rich

Congratulations to everyone involved with these projects!

Yay Us!

I’m always quick to point out any time PBS gets nominated for something nice so I’d be remiss if I didn’t get a little self-congratulatory and mention that UNC-TV and its partners received 13 nominations for the 30th annual Midsouth Emmy Awards, to be held February 27 in Nashville.

Congratulations to all of our staff and associates on these well-deserved nominations!

Here is a complete list of the nominees, as reported by Shannon Vickery, UNC-TV Director or Production.

Documentary/Cultural:  (All of these programs are produced by independent producers.)
David Holt’s State of Music, Will and Deni McIntyre
First Language— The Race to Save the Cherokee, Neal Hutcheson and Danica Cullinan
The Highline, an American Treasure, Rob Van Camp

Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment:
Our State:  Hart Square, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Steve Price, Karen Pearce, Grant Dennis, Mike Milstead, Brian Faulkner, Fred Story, Amy Pasquini
Skunk Train, Rob Van Camp (Independent Producer)

Magazine Program:
Our State 707:  Dorton Arena, Wild Horses, Flag Man, David Hardy, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Kenneth Hackney, Grant Dennis, Glenn Abbey, Karen Pearce, Brian Faulkner, Steve Price, Fred Story, Laura Casteel, Heather Dollar Continue reading