Sounds Familiar

“What do you think? I have given my life to Downton. I was born here and I hope to die here. I claim no career beyond the nurture of this house and the estate. It’s my third parent and my fourth child.” – Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), Downton Abbey


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I was greeted by an unexpected sight in the UNC-TV lobby the other day – some familiar faces from Downton Abbey!

Were we lucky enough to have some esteemed visitors or was I unaware of some Masterpiece-inspired staff cosplay? No such luck. It was simply the life-sized cut-outs of the lovely Lady Mary Crawley, the aristocratic Earl of Grantham and the unflappably loyal Carson. They had been available for pictures and posing at the UNC-TV State Fair pavilion, yet were all now hanging out inside our Research Triangle Park facilities.

I doubt they are a long-term addition to the UNC-TV lobby, so I snapped these pics while the photo op was good.

A few Downton visitors grace the UNC-TV lobby.

A few Downton visitors grace the UNC-TV lobby.

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