Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

This happy 2D figure is of course none other than Read-A-Roo, UNC-TV’s longtime children’s programming mascot. Now a fixture of Rootle, Read-A-Roo can be seen online, on telly and in person at community events (plus on the wall in our Kids & Education Department as seen below). If your kids don’t know Read-A-Roo, you’re not exposing them to the right kind of television!

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Wednesday Trivia Question

Who was the original Mr. Rogers?

As most people know, the long-running children’s series MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD helped generations of young kids understand themselves and the world a little bit better. It fostered imagination and gave preschoolers insight into their emotions. It also made Fred Rogers a household name and a national icon. 

But not everyone knows that Fred Rogers wasn’t the original Mister Rogers. Fred created the show and served as executive producer, however the folks at WQED initially had reservations that his personality was magnetic enough to attract viewers. Another actor was hired to play “Mr. Rogers” and reportedly did a good job. However, when this original host got food poisoning, Fred filled in and the station bigwigs agreed Fred’s gentle, personable approach was exactly what the show called for. The rest is, of course, history. Continue reading

Wednesday Trivia Question

Name an EGOT winner who has made a guest appearance on SESAME STREET.

Continuing the SESAME STREET celebrations with an intriguing question about the celebrities who cameo on this beloved, long-running children’s series. Over the decades, SESAME STREET has welcomed actors (James Earl Jones, Sandra Oh), athletes (Bo Jackson, Tony Hawk), musicians (Paul Simon, Alicia Keys), dignitaries (Kofi Annan, Buzz Aldrin) and even First Ladies of the US (Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush). You may have your favorite appearance, whether it’s James Taylor singing “Your Grouchy Face” to Oscar or Ian McKellen helping Cookie Monster to resist eating a cookie. Wikipedia lists hundreds and that is probably an incomplete list.

However, three of these guest stars have the distinction of being EGOT winners as well (although it is entirely likely they may not have been EGOT winners when they made their appearance, if you understand the concept). You know the EGOT – that elusive conglomeration of awards referring to the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. It takes a prestigious talent to achieve EGOT status (less than 20 people have done so thus far). Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may know this helpful young lass. She’s Arthur’s sister D. W. and, right now, she’s directing you towards our Kids & Education department. Those are the folks that you’ll often see out and about in schools and at community events to promote UNC-TV and especially Rootle, our Kids Channel. They have lots of cool toys and are best pals with Read-A-Roo.

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may recognize this guy from the hit PBS Kids show WILD KRATTS. Yep, it’s Chris Kratt – or is that Martin Kratt? No, I think it’s Chris. I going with Chris. Anyway, It’s Chris Kratt in animated form. To be precise, it’s a representation of the animated Chris Kratt in 2D cut out form. This stand-up figure is used at local kids events, Rootle celebrations, Read-A-Roo Block Parties and the like. I snapped this particular pic after the Rootle gang returned from the State Fair.

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Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

Travel the Tar Heel State and meet four senior citizens striving to better themselves and their communities. Catch BOOMING – Tuesday night at 9 on the North Carolina Channel and Thursday night at 8 on UNC-TV.

Eric Idle is writing a memoira sortabiography – and it’s due out in the fall. Continue reading