Where Do I Know That Actor?

If you caught the most recent Midsomer Murders, you may have spied a trio of familiar faces from elsewhere on UNC-TV. The episode in question (“Blood Wedding” – part two) saw Barnaby investigating the death of a bridesmaid while getting caught up in the drama of his own daughter’s impending nuptials.

We’ll start with Charles Edwards, who portrayed newlywed Sir Edward “Ned” Fitzroy, and Mark Umbers, who was his younger brother Henry “Harry” Fitzroy.

Edwards most recently was seen as Alfred Wood in the Masterpiece presentation Arthur & George where he played a pal of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (Interestingly enough, Edwards also played Doyle in a 2001 series called Murder Rooms: Mysteries Of The Real Sherlock Holmes.) He also played Lady Edith’s love interest Michael Gregson on Downton Abbey. Continue reading


My Top Five: Britcoms

Does the internet really need another list? Debatable. But I’ve been looking for something new to add into the mix here at VIEWERS LIKE and this seemed like something fun.

Every now and then I’ll post MY TOP FIVE in various categories relating to UNC-TV programming. Understand: I’m not saying these are the best of anything. I’m not even saying it’s my top five overall (just limiting it to UNC-TV fare, past and present) but simply my favorite handful in a particular area. Feel free to agree or disagree – lists of this nature should never be taken as definitive, rather as a starting point for a healthy (and civil) discussion.

As always, let me know what you think. Did I omit one of your favorites? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and tell me.


5. Mr. Bean – Rowan Atkinson at his Chaplinesque best.

4. Red Dwarf – The sci fi adventures of Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten never fail to amuse me.

3. Is It Legal? – A fantastic workplace comedy about a small Hounslow law firm with quirky characters you alternatively want to work with and slap. Continue reading