Wednesday Trivia Question

The late Johnny Costa will be best remembered as the music director for what television series? Continue reading


Street View

Surely everyone knows that SESAME STREET is an important and useful broadcast educational tool. But did you know the Sesame Workshop is working behind the scenes to assist migrant families separated at the border?

The Atlantic has an amazing article on the subject. Click HERE to read.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I’ve been fascinated by this extremely old sign in our storage area. I’ve no idea where it was originally stationed but I can certainly lay odds the time frame was very early in the station’s history.


WUNC, Channel 4 in Chapel Hill, was the first station in our statewide network. It signed on in 1955. The next was WUNB (later WUND) in the mid-60s. We grew by several stations shortly thereafter so this sign was most likely circa that time.

UNC-TV currently has eleven network stations across North Carolina. Read about UNC-TV’s history HERE.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I was rummaging through our storage bay recently when I spotted these two signs marked for surplus. (Surplus, as I understand it, is another larger off-site storage where the stuff we haven’t been using here at the station gets categorized as “probably never gonna re-use ever again.”) The signs were created, I’d guess, as part of a program or series we recorded some time back but I’ve no idea where or when. There is a Tarheel Educators (plural) listed in our programming database but it has not been broadcast within the last few decades and I don’t recall it personally. The circus sign is more mysterious – possibly a children’s program from long before my tenure here at UNC-TV? I can’t say for certain. But these little signs sure have piqued my interest.