My Top Five: Science Shows

I’ve always loved science (even though it was never my best subject in school) and PBS has always been a great source for science programming. Over the decades, I’ve watched quite a few, from kids shows designed to educate and entertain to award-winning hard science fare designed to provoke the thoughts and expand the mind. So which ones are my favorites? It was tough to choose but I winnowed it down to MY TOP FIVE SCIENCE SHOWS. Here they are…

5) NEWTON’S APPLE. It ran for fifteen seasons and tackled everything from dinosaurs to ethnobotany. Perhaps it was a kids series but hosts Ira Flatow, Peggy Knapp and David Heil made it fun for the adults watching. Plus, you’ve got that Kraftwerk theme.

4) NOVA. PBS’s flagship science series has brought incredible worlds to our TV screens since 1973. Whether its inside the human reproductive system or a look back at the development of our continent, NOVA has explored science in all its forms and introduced viewers to science intelligentsia like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene and Janna Levin.

3) BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY. If you were a kid, you loved the fast-paced, manic world of Bill Nye. If you were an adult, you appreciated any show that got children excited about science – and you were kinda jealous that a show like this didn’t exist when you were a kid. The fact that Nye is now an elder statesman of science education only increases the cool factor. Hey, science ruled then and it still rules today! Continue reading


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another dip into the archives this week as we take a look back at the production of an educational program from the formative days on UNC-TV. There’s not a date on the photograph but it looks to be 1950s, perhaps early 1960s. Sadly, no idea as to the name of the program or the talent involved either. However, I’m pretty certain this was taken inside the original WUNC studios on the UNC campus (the old Swain Hall facilities).


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may know this helpful young lass. She’s Arthur’s sister D. W. and, right now, she’s directing you towards our Kids & Education department. Those are the folks that you’ll often see out and about in schools and at community events to promote UNC-TV and especially Rootle, our Kids Channel. They have lots of cool toys and are best pals with Read-A-Roo.

feb28_19 002

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

UNC-TV has always been educational in nature and mission. As such, schools have used our programs in classrooms for decades and many shows have been produced primarily for such in-class instruction. Put together over sixty years ago, this booklet was created to help teachers utilize the educational programs broadcast on then WUNC.

studyguide Continue reading

Street View

Surely everyone knows that SESAME STREET is an important and useful broadcast educational tool. But did you know the Sesame Workshop is working behind the scenes to assist migrant families separated at the border?

The Atlantic has an amazing article on the subject. Click HERE to read.