Sounds Familiar

“I’m marrying the best girl in the world and there’s nothing that can spoil it.” – Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements), on the eve of his wedding to Stacey (Lacey Turner), EASTENDERS


Where Do I Know That Actor?

If you are an EASTENDERS fan, you know that the narrative nature of the series doesn’t invite special guests like, say, a DEATH IN PARADISE or FATHER BROWN does. Nonetheless, every now and again, an actor will pop up you may know from elsewhere. Often, this means the performer got his or her start on the English soap and is best known from another, more recent program (the EASTENDERS currently airing on UNC-TV originally aired on the BBC in 2007). However, there was a guest in some recent episodes whom keen-eyed viewers should know from a long-running Britcom.

EASTENDERS viewers know that one of the more interesting additions to the cast is Shirley’s pal, Heather (played to great comic relief by Cheryl Fergison). In order to alleviate some of Shirley’s financial woes, Heather decides to move in with her – but first Heather must break the news to her manipulative mother. If you didn’t immediately recognize the actress who played Heather’s mother, Queenie, you can be forgiven since there’s a time gap of about a dozen years between her EASTENDERS appearance and the role you’ll definitely know her from. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

I hope you watched Saturday’s MIDSOMER MURDERS (Ring Out Your Dead, Part One) because we have a veritable who’s who of guest stars you’ve seen before from other programs aired on UNC-TV. I was practically giddy with all the familiar faces. See if you spotted them.

Let’s start with Reggie Barton, played by Graham Crowden. You know him best as Tom Ballard on Waiting for God but longtime Doctor Who fans may remember him as Soldeed from the classic Tom Baker serial The Horns of Nimon. (Now that’s going way back.) Crowden also portrayed Marquis of Auld Reekie on The Way We Live Now and Lord Chancellor on a 1985 Bleak House (both on Masterpiece). Continue reading

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I spied this poster in a hallway a few months back (I think there was a bit of clearing out when some folks were moving offices). It was used during a past on-air fundraiser to celebrate one of our community partners, the North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club. I know the club is a great supporter of their beloved series and of UNC-TV in general. Each year, they actively help us raise the funds to pay for the British soap they so crave and, as such, stand as a model of fan support for public broadcasting. Kudos, EE Fans!


Rain Rain Fade Away

I’ve received reports that many EASTENDERS fans missed some of this week’s episodes due to rain fade and other problems caused by the tremendous storms plaguing our state Sunday night. The good news is we always repeat the previous week’s episodes in the wee hours of Sunday morning (3am on UNC-TV). However, I’ve been told by some of the folks with the NC EastEnders Club that the early morning repeat is inconvenient for those without recording devices. I get that however I warn you that these are a couple of not-to-miss episodes so I personally would suggest going to sleep an hour early Saturday night at setting the alarm for 3am to catch these two shows. Of course, I don’t think for a second that’s a remedy which will suit every single viewer so I’ve taken it upon myself to write up detailed synopses for the two eps. It won’t make up for missing them but it will get you ready for the next two episodes Sunday at 11pm.

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