Poultry In Motion

Join Elmo and Abby and a gobbler in total denial as they do the Turkey Gobble Wobble in celebration of Thanksgiving!


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

If you are a child of the 90s you may remember The Magic School Bus. It was a fun, frenetic, animated field trip with Ms. Frizzle’s class from Walkerville Elementary. The mega-talented Lily Tomlin provided Ms. Frizzle’s voice so that alone made the show worth viewing.

What we have today is a piece of swag I may have snagged at the 1994 PBS conference in Orlando (it was also featured as a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy around the same time so it’s possible I got it there). It’s The Magic School Bus Collector Card Kit. The bus-shaped plastic case holds ten cards (and one sticker sheet) featuring MSB characters engaged in various adventures in a wide variety of locales (the moon, the desert, under the sea, inside an ant colony).

Right now, the card kit occupies space on a shelf in my office with dozens of other public broadcasting and UNC-TV chotchkes.

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