Sounds Familiar

“Yeah, remarkable bird the Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage, innit?” – Shopkeeper (Michael Palin), MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS (“Dead Parrot Sketch”)


Wednesday Trivia Question

Gentleman thief M. Hercule Flambeau is a recurring character on what series?

Master criminal Hercule Flambeau first appeared in print in a 1910 short story. Over the decades, the dashing crook has been portrayed on television, film and radio by various actors. Most recently, Flambeau has been played by English actor John Light. But on what television series? Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s DEATH IN PARADISE was a don’t-miss episode, the second half of a two-parter titled “Beyond the Shining Sea.” The episode in question found Jack and his team facing the toughest challenge of their lives after tragedy hit close to home. There was also a trio of guest stars worth mentioning. See if you caught them all.

Scottish actor Alastair Mackenzie played Ewan Boyd. Over the years, he’s had guest spots on everything from Chef to Inspector Lewis to Lovejoy. Most recently, Mackenzie was John Bentley on season three of Unforgotten and William Brereton on Wolf Hall. However, he may be best known for starring as Archie MacDonald on Monarch of the Glen. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

DEATH IN PARADISE is back with a new season of episodes. This week, DI Mooney and his team were called in to investigate when the Coffee King of the Caribbean met an untimely end. Along the way, viewers caught sight of a handful of guest stars from other UNC-TV fare.

Robert Portal was Benedict Dacre, kingpin of Paradise Skies Coffee. A little over ten years back, he played Paul Critchley, Conservative Party leader, on The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard.

Louis Greatorex played Benedict’s son, Owen. Greatorex was also Caroline’s son Lawrence on Last Tango in Halifax. Continue reading