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Just saw this on Twitter. If you’re not a fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I don’t think we can be friends.


Where Do I Know That Actor?

At this point, MIDSOMER MURDERS is so rife with cameos and guest stars, I’m honestly surprised when I watch an episode and I don’t recognize someone I’ve seen before elsewhere. This week, it’s Anna Maxwell Martin. The actress had a bit part as a young student named Arabella. This threw me for a moment because I’m used to seeing her in more mature roles (sure enough – as many actors do – she was in her early 20s playing a teenager when this show was made in 2002) but I eventually recognized her.

Where have you seen her? Well, Martin has played Susan in The Bletchley Circle, (2012 – 2014), Elizabeth Darcy in Death Comes to Pemberley (2013), Sarah Burton in South Riding (2011), Gaoler’s Daughter in The Wind in the Willows (2007) and Esther Summerson in Bleak House (2005), so she’s been around for a while and has been well-represented on shows UNC-TV has aired.

That’s it! One person worth mentioning because that’s all it takes, isn’t it – one familiar face to make you ask yourself “Where do I know that actor?”

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Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at and I’ll try to help out.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Remember the Boohbahs? BOOHBAH was a British kids show that PBS aired in the aughts and the main characters were – well, Boohbahs. I didn’t watch it but I know it was by one of the co-creators of TELETUBBIES and it was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of show. Young people (the target audience) enjoyed it, of course, but I know adults who had a very negative reaction to the series. Can’t say why exactly but that’s my memory of it. Anyway, I saw this Boohbah toy in the Rootle division. “Magic Motion Boohbahs” indeed.

Spet2018 017

Sounds Familiar

“Good evening, madame and gentlemen. I am the main dish of the day. May I interest you in parts of my body?” – The Dish of the Day (Peter Davison) at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY