Where Do I Know That Actor?

Ah, MIDSOMER MURDERS! What would this feature be without you? Eagle-eyed fans who tuned into Saturday’s “Birds Of Prey” may have caught a couple of faces they have spied before.

David Calder, who played George Hamilton, is the first worth mentioning. A longtime character actor, Calder has appeared in many feature films and on television in everything from MI-5 and Mr. Selfridge to DCI Banks and Inspector Lynley. However, he had major roles in several series UNC-TV has broadcast. He was Lord Cawston in The Last Enemy (which starred Benedict Cumberbatch). He played Dr. Robert Bramwell (the title character’s father) in the Masterpiece Theatre series Bramwell. He was Victor Chekhov in the 1991 series Sleepers, another Masterpiece Theatre presentation. And he portrayed Nathan Spring in the sci fi drama series Star Cops. Continue reading


Where Do I Know That Actor?

If you are an EASTENDERS fan, you know that the narrative nature of the series doesn’t invite special guests like, say, a DEATH IN PARADISE or FATHER BROWN does. Nonetheless, every now and again, an actor will pop up you may know from elsewhere. Often, this means the performer got his or her start on the English soap and is best known from another, more recent program (the EASTENDERS currently airing on UNC-TV originally aired on the BBC in 2007). However, there was a guest in some recent episodes whom keen-eyed viewers should know from a long-running Britcom.

EASTENDERS viewers know that one of the more interesting additions to the cast is Shirley’s pal, Heather (played to great comic relief by Cheryl Fergison). In order to alleviate some of Shirley’s financial woes, Heather decides to move in with her – but first Heather must break the news to her manipulative mother. If you didn’t immediately recognize the actress who played Heather’s mother, Queenie, you can be forgiven since there’s a time gap of about a dozen years between her EASTENDERS appearance and the role you’ll definitely know her from. Continue reading

Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

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Check out Helen Mirren in her new role as Catherine the Great in the Sky Atlantic drama of the same name. Continue reading

Where Do I Know That Actor?

I hope you caught the series seven finale of DOC MARTIN. The last two episodes were broadcast Saturday night on UNC-TV in advance of the season eight premiere this week. However, keen-eyed viewers may have noticed an interesting trio of guest stars that I think bear mentioning. See if you spotted them.

The first person of note is Gemma Jones, who played Annie Winton. This veteran actress has been active since the 1960s so it’s quite possible you’ve seen her in such fare as Inspector Morse, An Unsuitable Job For A Woman, Poirot, Capital and MI-5. She appeared as Clare Slater on season one of Unforgotten which we aired last year but I believe her most famous public broadcasting role was as Louisa Trotter on Masterpiece Theatre‘s The Duchess Of Duke Street. Continue reading