Wednesday Trivia Question

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Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

You may recognize this guy from the hit PBS Kids show WILD KRATTS. Yep, it’s Chris Kratt – or is that Martin Kratt? No, I think it’s Chris. I going with Chris. Anyway, It’s Chris Kratt in animated form. To be precise, it’s a representation of the animated Chris Kratt in 2D cut out form. This stand-up figure is used at local kids events, Rootle celebrations, Read-A-Roo Block Parties and the like. I snapped this particular pic after the Rootle gang returned from the State Fair.

October18 004

Monday Montage

What’s happening, what’s on and what’s interesting this week …

It’s 2015 and the New Orleans city council convenes a public debate over the fate of its Confederate statues. As the council prepares to vote, emotions run high, tensions mount and deep divisions are revealed. Tune in as REEL SOUTH chronicles this DIVIDED CITY – tonight at 9 on UNC-TV.

Judy Woodruff talks to the LA Times about the role of PBS NEWSHOUR in the era of Twitter and “Fake News.” Continue reading