Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Another dip into the archives for a look into UNC-TV’s past. This week, a vintage pic from the set of the UNC-TV original series ALMANAC GARDENER. I certainly recognize Mike Gray, host of the show. The others are not immediately known to me. One appears to be the host of a cooking segment and the others may be a producer, director or even a guest. I estimate the photograph to be from the early days of the series so this could be taken on a set from our old studios in Raleigh.



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I’m very excited. I recently unearthed a cache of archival photos from the station’s 60+ year history. Many of these go back long before my time and I cannot even be certain who or what is pictured. Still, they are extremely interesting and a snapshot of UNC-TV during its early, formative years.

This week’s photo: a shot of an Open House held in 1983 at our Raleigh studios. Way back in the day, UNC-TV (at that time the UNC Center for Public Television) was spread out across the Triangle in various locations (NC State, UNC-CH, Chatham County). In 1989, all forces were assembled in the RTP in the then newly-constructed Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Communications Center, where we reside today.


I think you’ll recognize some familiar faces from our programming perched atop the Raleigh studios. If you happened to visit this Open House in the early 80s, drop me a line and let me know (I was but a viewer at the time).

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Currently, UNC-TV has several programs in production. Some are continuing series, others seasonal. Regardless, each requires a set. Constructed in house, these sets often sit idle until production commences.

It’s always interesting to see a set sans talent and crew. You can get a glimpse into the heart and soul of a show, much like someone could glean tons of information just by looking at your vacant living room. Here are a few snaps of the current Almanac Gardener set. When Mike Gray and company are not around, this is what you’ll see.



Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

It’s springtime. That means the birds are blooming and the flowers are buzzing and it must be Almanac Gardener time! Yes, indeed – the new season of UNC-TV’s how-to series starts up this weekend. So I thought it an opportune time to snap this shot direct from the Almanac Gardener garden itself. Guess it’s growing season once again.


Alamanac Gardener sure grows ’em big!

Yay Us!

I’m always quick to point out any time PBS gets nominated for something nice so I’d be remiss if I didn’t get a little self-congratulatory and mention that UNC-TV and its partners received 13 nominations for the 30th annual Midsouth Emmy Awards, to be held February 27 in Nashville.

Congratulations to all of our staff and associates on these well-deserved nominations!

Here is a complete list of the nominees, as reported by Shannon Vickery, UNC-TV Director or Production.

Documentary/Cultural:  (All of these programs are produced by independent producers.)
David Holt’s State of Music, Will and Deni McIntyre
First Language— The Race to Save the Cherokee, Neal Hutcheson and Danica Cullinan
The Highline, an American Treasure, Rob Van Camp

Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment:
Our State:  Hart Square, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Steve Price, Karen Pearce, Grant Dennis, Mike Milstead, Brian Faulkner, Fred Story, Amy Pasquini
Skunk Train, Rob Van Camp (Independent Producer)

Magazine Program:
Our State 707:  Dorton Arena, Wild Horses, Flag Man, David Hardy, Morgan Potts, Mike Burke, Kenneth Hackney, Grant Dennis, Glenn Abbey, Karen Pearce, Brian Faulkner, Steve Price, Fred Story, Laura Casteel, Heather Dollar Continue reading