Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A few years back, PBS started these annual events related to seasonal happenings and such shows are presented live in prime time. BIG BLUE LIVE debuted in 2015 and focused on the annual migration of sea life in Monterey Bay. WILD ALASKA LIVE premiered in 2017 and featured the Kratt Brothers experiencing the wildlife of the Last Frontier. This year, NATURE is presenting the three-night showcase AMERICAN SPRING LIVE. Airing over three nights, AMERICAN SPRING LIVE gives you a front row seat to the season of renewal and rebirth. The standup promotional banner below has been in our lobby for a few weeks now to promote this fantastic live event.

3_18_19 009


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Chris and Martin Kratt’s unique live look at the fauna of the The Last Frontier concludes Sunday night at 8 on UNC-TV. If you haven’t been following the amazing television that is Wild Alaska Live there will be ample opportunity to watch it again (the series repeats on the Explorer Channel in August).

Here’s a shot of a promotional poster gracing a co-worker’s cubicle.

July27_2017 003