Detective Comics

You’ve seen Sherlock on the small screen and you’ve seen Sherlock on  the big screen. You’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch in chocolate and as a chocolate bunny. What could be next?

Comic books. More accurately – manga.

Four years ago, the debut Sherlock mystery “A Study In Pink” was adapted for Japanese audiences in the magazine Young AceTitan Comics has announced it will now be bringing the manga series to American audiences.

Manga, for the uninitiated, is the Japanese graphic novel – comic books – albeit with highly stylized art. The form is suited to many genres, from romance to horror, and Sherlock is a surprisingly interesting yet fitting choice. Drawn and written by manga artist Jay, the Sherlock manga will be officially translated (fan translations have existed for years) and available to American fans this summer both in print and on digital devices.


Psychoanalyzing Sherlock

At some point, you really just have to say, “It’s only a TV show.” But on the way to that sobering revelation, you can have a lot of fun by reading between the lines and second guessing and just plain old overanalyzing a favorite show.

As such, I got a kick out of this article I saw about the Masterpiece series Sherlock. The question was posed: Is the character of Sherlock a sociopath? Sherlock himself has made the assertion. So what does a neuroscientist think? Read the article on Yahoo Finance and find out.