The Fresh Prince Of … Sesame Street?

If you’ve ever wondered how Bert met Ernie, wonder no more. The perennial pals of PBS’ preparatory property lay it out for you in this Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody. Yo, homes, smell ya later!


Wednesday Trivia Question

Bob Vila, Steve Thomas and Kevin O’Connor have all hosted what home improvement and how-to staple?

I gave you a hard question last week so I thought it only fair to balance it out with an easier one this week. You should know the title if you’ve ever tuned in to this long-running PBS series. Of course, it’s This Old House. If you wondered why I left out Norm Abram’s name it’s because he is usually billed as “Master Carpenter.” Vila was the original host (1979-1989), Thomas took over and hosted until 2003 and O’Connor has helmed the show since then.