A Latke To Love

Latkes are a delicious part of Hanukkah and PBS Food has a nice piece on the History of Latkes by food blogger Tori Avey. You can also spice up your Festival of Lights with some delicious Hanukkah recipes – and even get some tips on making the perfect latke. It’s all at the savory PBS Food site.

Chag sameach!


It Looks Delicious!

Great food is like great art. Wait – is that a saying? Did I just quote someone? Not sure if I just made that up but it seems true. A well-prepared meal is so much more than the sum of its parts, as is an artistic masterpiece. I know just enough art and cooking to be dangerous, but I’ll always admire those who can put together something that can evoke more than I could ever dream, be it a scenic watercolor on canvas or a magnificent pasta dish with vegetables made fresh from the garden.

All this is simply a way of saying there is a connection between art and food and over at the Food section of the PBS web site, someone has connected the two in a fascinating way.

Take a look at The History Kitchen and read Tori Avey’s What Artist Paul Gauguin Ate In Tahiti. Avey is a food writer who paints (no pun intended but it fits, so I’ll own it) a beautiful picture of Gauguin’s life with some delicious culinary possibilities. She even includes a recipe that’s begging to be tried at your next festive gathering.

Read, enjoy, prepare, feast. Do all that and more at PBS Food.