Another Monday, eh? It’s the middle of summer and sweltering outside and it’s Monday and – really, what in the world is there to look forward to?

Did someone say “Sherlock?”

Yes, indeed. New episodes may be months away but that won’t stop us from checking out the Sherlock season four tease and whetting our collective appetite for the return of television’s most impressive highly functioning sociopath.

And if that’s not enough Cumberbatch for you (is there such a thing as “enough Cumberbatch”?), you can enjoy the newest Doctor Strange trailer featuring BC as the titular Master of the Mystic Arts – and read up on how the actor surprised fans as they waited in line for a Doctor Strange panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con late last week.

Suddenly Monday doesn’t seem that bad.

The Doctor Is In!

I’ve talked before of Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Doctor Strange. It’s getting a lot of early buzz from comic book aficionados and Cumberfanatics alike, but we’ll have to wait until fall to see the feature film.

However, glimpses abound as filming wrapped recently in New York City and star Benedict Cumberbatch took advantage of the situation to show up in costume to a Big Apple comic book shop to no doubt surprise a few unsuspecting  fanboys.

Check out this story which features a few shots of Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts – and mark your calendar for November 4 to see the Sherlock star playing a different type of hero on the big screen.

Strange Days Indeed

As most of us eagerly await Friday’s Sherlock special, some Benedict Cumberbatch fans are already looking forward to November when the Academy Award-nominated actor plays Marvel Comics’ Master of the Mystic Arts on the big screen.

Doctor Strange is Cumberbatch’s first foray into the Marvel Universe and has fanboys and Cumberwatchers alike chomping at the bit for any insight into the cinematic realm of the Sorcerer Supreme. The good news is Entertainment Weekly has posted a picture of its upcoming cover featuring Cumberbatch in costume. Whether this sates the anticipation or whips it into a frenzy, who’s to know. Regardless, fans should get a kick out of the Sherlock star in full Marvel mode.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride premieres Friday at 9pm on UNC-TV. Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4, 2016.

To Be Or Not To Be … Rude?

If you’re planning on catching Benedict Cumberbatch as one of Shakespeare’s most famous characters, bring your enthusiasm for the Bard but please – above all else – leave your recording devices at home.

The Sherlock star, who just began headlining in Hamlet at London’s Barbican theater last week, is already sick and tired of seeing his fans recording his performance as literature’s most indecisive Dane. Cumberbatch claims there is “nothing less supportive or enjoyable” than being on stage and seeing a “big red light” in the audience.

Cumberbatch’s Hamlet is one of the most in-demand shows of recent years and tickets sold out fast due to the actor’s popularity. However, that acclaim comes with the price of some fans attending no doubt with the sole mission of seeing the actor who plays their favorite consulting detective. Because of the unwanted attention, Cumberbatch told people gathered outside the stage door on Saturday that spying the filming while he was performing was “mortifying.” He asked fans to spread his message through social media, warning that future offenders could be evicted from the show.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Lyndsey Turner, runs through October 31 at the Barbican in London. Tickets are sold out.


Long before Benedict Cumberbatch was the world’s most famous detective, an Oscar-nominated actor and a household name for any Anglophile worth his salt, he was an actor like many others, taking whatever roles he could find and slowly making a name for himself. In fact, probably without realizing it, longtime UNC-TV viewers have seen Cumberbatch in roles on everything from MI-5 to various incarnations of Masterpiece. And, as luck would have it, you can do so again.

Beginning Saturday at 9pm on UNC-TV, catch The Last Enemy, a 2008 five-part mini-series that originally aired here in the States on Masterpiece Contemporary. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this dramatic thriller as a man who returns home to the UK and becomes embroiled in a far-reaching conspiracy. If you’re a fan of all things Cumberbatch (or just good drama), you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Episode one of The Last Enemy airs Saturday night, June 13, on UNC-TV and continues with back-to-back episodes the following two Saturdays. It also repeats in a similar fashion beginning Monday, June 15, at 2am on UNC-TV and Thursday, June 18, at 8pm on UNC-MX.