Science Rules!

He may have moved on to other venues and even become a pop culture icon but science educator Bill Nye will always be connected to PBS since his series Bill Nye The Science Guy helped introduce millions of children to the scientific method.

I saw this recent video featuring Nye where the science guy discusses what would happen if al the ice on Earth melted. It’s interesting and topical, so I thought I’d share.


Fits The Bill

If you’re looking to get your geek on or simply want to snap up some natty neckware for the scientist in your life, you are in luck. Bill Nye The Science Guy has teamed up with designer Nick Graham for a limited edition collection of bow ties. Yep, Nye’s signature fashion accessory can be yours. No guarantee that it’ll make you more intelligent but you’re sure to look smart.

See the collection at Nick Graham’s website. Ten percent of sales will go to Nye’s Planetary Society.