Sherlock In Miniature

Obsessed with the Masterpiece Mystery! series Sherlock? Understandable, to say the least. And for the discerning fan, there’s a bevy of intriguing collectibles out there to tempt the best of us, if not tax our wallets. Some big, some … rather small.

In fact, can I interest you in a mini-Sherlock?

UK’s Big Chief Studios, a manufacturer of high-end figures and collectables, is now offering 1:6 scale figures based on Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Officially licensed by the makers of Sherlock, these miniature Cumberbatches are yours to pre-order at the company’s website.

Moreover, if your budget lends itself to this type of collectable, there are loads of other figures to peruse. Since Big Chief is also licensed to sell Doctor Who materials, this should keep some of us occupied for quite some time!

Visit Big Chief Studios for more than a little fun.

A Batch Of Chocolate

Think Benedict Cumberbatch is just dreamy enough to eat? Well, you may be right. British chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark has turned everyone’s favorite Sherlock into that most delightful and delectable of Easter staples – the chocolate bunny.

Created by UK’s Chocolatician, the Cumberbunny is an individually made chocolate treat with the face of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Sadly, they seem to be sold out for the moment (a chocolate Cumberbatch can be immensely popular, as you may guess) but if you desire to sink your teeth into one of the finest actors working today you may soon get your chance. The Chocolatician website teases a Cumberbunny return, noting the chocolate cottontail may not be just for Easter.

A Batch Of Chocolate

Have you ever wondered what Benedict Cumberbatch would look like if he were made out of chocolate?

No, of course you haven’t. That doesn’t mean you can get the thought out of your mind now that I’ve mentioned it.

So – good news! Someone has turned 500 bars of Belgian chocolate into a delicious life-sized sculpture of Sherlock‘s own. It’s all part of a promotion involving English drama channel UKTV. I could go on but does the reason why really matter when you’ve got a pure-chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch? See for yourself…

Sherlock News!

While some fans of the super sleuth feel that Sherlock Holmes is and always will be a Victorian entity, fans of Masterpiece Mystery! know full well Sherlock is perfectly suited for 21st century life. However, series co-creator Stephan Moffat acknowledges that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will be returning to Victorian roots for an upcoming Sherlock special.

Sound intriguing? You bet it does! Fingers crossed, PBS will get this new Sherlock later this year.

For more info on the special, check it out over at Entertainment Weekly.