Frontline On Line

Last week, FRONTLINE pre-empted its regular schedule to re-broadcast its show on John McCain in honor of the late Senator. Last minute program substitutions like this are rare but they do occur in special circumstances like this. As such, it’s difficult to promote a schedule change of this immediacy. So, if you missed the timely broadcast of McCAIN, you can watch the program online at the FRONTLINE web site. ICYMI, as it were.


Where Do I Know That Actor?

MIDSOMER MURDERS strikes again. If you caught this week’s episode (part two of “Tainted Fruit”), you got a glimpse of several actors who’ve been seen elsewhere on UNC-TV. See if you spotted them.

We’ll start with Lucy Punch who played spoiled, rich Melissa Townsend. UNC-TV viewers first met her as Elaine, one of Dr. Martin Ellingham’s many receptionists. In fact, she was his first, playing that role in season one of Doc Martin. Continue reading