Wednesday Trivia Question

What is Cookie Monster’s real name?

One of the most popular SESAME STREET characters of all time is Cookie Monster. We all have our favorites but for many it’s the blue monster operating on pure id where his beloved baked goods are concerned. For years now, I’ve heard a certain piece of trivia floating around but I was never quite certain if it was canon. However, a little research gives me reason to believe that it’s legit – Cookie Monster had another name at one point. Now, I’m talking about the character here, not the actors who provide the voice or operate the Muppet. On SESAME STREET, Cookie once referenced having another name when he was very young. Of course, he discovered cookies and that changed his world, as well as his name.

So what is it? What is Cookie Monster’s original name? It’s Sid. (Or perhaps Syd.) As I said, I was unsure if this was accurate – I’ve heard this piece of trivia running around the web for years. However, I looked it up online and there was a SESAME STREET piece where Cookie Monster was recalling the time he had his very first cookie. There’s a flashback sequence of Cookie’s mother giving baby Cookie his future obsession and Cookie Monster says “I think my name was Sid.” Here’s the segment from the show:

There’s even a clip online I found of Cookie Monster on a talk show or morning show confirming that his real name was Sid. Not sure where that is from but I’m calling this little piece of trivia totally legit.