Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Back in the 1990s, UNC-TV revamped its on-air image. (Nothing out of the ordinary there – broadcast entities do this all the time.) The image consisted of a shadowbox-laden animation featuring various UNC-TV programming logos and objects, along with some North Carolina-themed material. There was a replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, the Wright Brothers flyer, Big Bird, Lamb Chop and references to Tar Heel staples like BBQ, basketball, dogwood and NASCAR. Maybe you remember the on-air image when it aired. If you’re a longtime UNC-TV viewer, I guarantee you saw it.

april2018 029

The photo above is of some of the artwork used to create this on-air image and of the finished product. It was framed and displayed within some staffer’s office, I guess. However, it recently made it’s way to a common area, where I snapped this picture.